A monthly magazine on Monthly Magazine on Fire, Safety & Security Industry. It is being widely read by Safety Officers, Security Managers, Security Consultants.

Type Size
(Height X Width)
Gate Fold 25cm X 38cm INR Rs.80,000/- US $ 3270
Double Spread 25cm X 38cm INR Rs.60,000/- US $ 1830
Full Page 25cm X 19cm INR Rs.40,000/- US $ 1000
Half Page 12cm X 19cm INR Rs.20,000/- US $ 500
Quarter Page 12cm X 9cm INR Rs.10,000/- US $ 250


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    • Government & Semi Government
    • Defence
    • Oil & Gas
    • Refineries
    • Banks
    • Aviation
    • Construction
    • Pharma
    • Mining
    • Manufacturing
    • Chemical
    • Hotels
    • Retail
    • IT & Software Services
    • Hospitals
    • Financial Institutions
    • Education
    INDUSTRIAL SAFETY REVIEW has strong circulation of 30,000 copies that are circulated among fire officers, safety officers, security managers, security consultants, fire consultants, security & vigilance head, health safety head, system integrators, technical directors, purchase managers, project managers, interior designers, chief engineers of user companies like Govt & Semi Government, Defence, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Banks, Aviation, Construction, Pharma, Minning, Manufacturing, Chemical, Hotels, Retail, IT & Software Services, Hospitals, Financial Institutions, Education. INDUSTRIAL SAFETY REVIEW is also being sent to association members like Fire Association of India (FSAI), National Safety Council, Security association of India, Builder Association of India.

    North - 25%
    South - 30%
    East - 15%
    West - 30%


    • Chief Fire Officers
    • Chief Safety Officers
    • Chief Security Managers
    • Fire Consultants
    • Security Consultants
    • System Integrations
    • Project Managers
    • EHM & OSH Heads
    • Purchase Managers
    • Facility Managers
    • Technical Directors