Webinars are effective in generating better brand positioning results and higher sales margins.

They are an excellent platform which can educate your target prospects, promote your brand across your market segments and can generate more interest in your latest products.

At INDUSTRIAL HEALTH & SAFETY REVIEW, we provide end to end solutions for webinars as below;

  1. Identify the technology platform
  2. Create back end IT set up for the webinar
  3. Identify the target audience
  4. Use in house database to do marketing
  5. Audience generation and RSVP
  6. Work with client to create content flow
  7. Recruit speakers for the webinar
  8. Social media buzz around the webinar
  9. Execute and manage webinar on event day
  10. Post event analytics and reports


• Safety Officers • Security Officers • Fire Officers • EHM & OSH Heads • Technical Directors
• Manufacturing Heads • Maintenance Managers • Project Managers • Chief Engineers • R&D Heads • Plant Heads
• Production Managers • Operations Heads • System Integrators • Fire Consultants • Security Consultants
• System Integrations

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