Aquila introduce their new N935 high quality, powder free, medical gloves in 100% Nitrile


Aquila are known for their high quality work gloves and caring reputation with concern for the environment, achieved by reducing waste through extended product longevity. They have now brought that same care for quality to the production of pure nitrile disposable gloves.

The new Aquila N935 blue medical examination category gloves are 100% nitrile and powder free – they are latex free and meet EN374 and EN455 within the intermediate risk group. They are manufactured to ISO9002 under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and feature textured fingertips for sensitivity during fine manipulation in detailed examinations. Quality is the keynote here with typical Aquila focus on critical production and supply chain values in support of doctors, nurses, paramedics and carers everywhere.

Aquila brand owners Taste International are dedicated to provision of high quality reasonably priced products on a reliable basis, with the moral perspective to do business in the right way. However, the recent background situation of PPE supply worldwide is one where production has been affected by the need to quarantine many employees, leaving a supply chain vacuum, with the cost of raw material doubled and factory gate prices increased by a factor of 200% to 300%. The disposable glove market during Covid has become one where sudden demand has left many factories unregulated, leading to shortages, speculation, overpricing and scams on a global scale.

Given this chaos in the market, Aquila have chosen to work quickly and carefully through the research phase, taking the time to develop their own high quality nitrile gloves at fair and sustainable prices so as to meet the exceptional current need for gloves at this intermediate level. The N935 gloves are available in sizes of small (7), medium (8), large (9) and X-large (10) in ambidextrous design for ease of use.

Further information regarding Aquila® products may be found at: or follow them on twitter: Aquila® and Alkimos® are registered brands owned and developed by Taste International Ltd.

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