Euro Safety, From India’s most promising PPE supplier to the bearer of India’s safety revolution


Q1)  Euro Safety Group is a leading manufacturer & supplier of Personal Protection, Safety products, please share some of your milestones & achievements?

Euro Safety Group is a fully diversified, vertically integrated safety equipment manufacturing company, with recent forays into non-woven materials and industry specific end to end solutions. We started Euro Safety Footwear  in 2004. With fully automated facilities, our production touched 1.3 million pairs of Safety Footwear by the end of 2018. After successfully finding our footing in the Safety Footwear business, we diversified into Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Speaking of recent developments, Euro Safety Equipments Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 2019 to manufacture industrial workwear, disposable PPE, etc. in line with GoI’s “Make in India” initiative. In 2020, the group launched Euro Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd. dedicated to providing safety solutions to various industries in India as per global safety standards. Most recently, the group decided to move towards vertical and horizontal diversification and in 2021, launched Euro Safety Nonwovens Pvt. Ltd. to manufacture non-woven fabrics.

Speaking of recent awards, our brand EUROCK won the Uttar Pradesh Best Brand Award in the Footwear category by CMO Asia & World Marketing Congress in 2021. Euro Safety Equipments Pvt. Ltd. won the Go Global Awards Frontrunner Manufacturing Award by International Trade Council in 2021. Euro Safety Group of Companies secured First Place for Excellent Export Performance in the Leather Footwear category (up to Rs. 200cr) at the Council of Leather Exports’ National Export Awards 2020-2021. Euro Safety Footwear (India) Pvt. Ltd.  won the Best-in-Class Award for Productivity in Manufacturing (Footwear Category) from Stars of the Industry Group in 2020. Euro Safety Group of Companies won the Best In Class Award for Manufacturer of The Year (PPE Category) from Stars of the Industry Group in 2020. Further, our director, Mr. Varun Budhiraja was awarded India’s Greatest Leader Award by the URS Asia One Magazine for his contribution in founding and incorporating Euro Safety Solutions with the goal and vision to provide world class safety solutions to the Indian market.

Q2)  Could you brief us about overall business activities of your company (tie-ups, associations, reach, network) ?

In order to know about Euro Safety Group, it is important to learn about when it all began. In 1979, Roger Group was founded as a manufacturer and exporter of leather fashion upper and complete footwear.  After an elaborate and successful journey in the footwear business, the group decided to diversify into the manufacturing of industrial safety footwear. Thus, in 2004 Euro Safety Footwear (India) Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated and by 2012 we were manufacturing and exporting more than 650,000 pairs worldwide. In 2014 Euro Safety Group established Boa Safety Solutions in South Africa and started supplying head-to-toe PPE to the African market. We steadily added more safety products for global markets by establishing strategic manufacturing alliances in China, Sri Lanka & Malaysia. In 2019, Euro Safety Equipments Pvt. Ltd. was set up to manufacture industrial workwear, disposable PPE, etc. in line with GoI’s “Make in India” initiative. In 2020, the group launched Euro Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd., dedicated to providing safety solutions to various industries in India as per global safety standards.

We have distribution channels and partners in over 15 states in India and supply to over 10 industry verticals, including corporate giants like Indian Oil Corporation, BMW, TATA and Coca Cola. Outside India, we supply to countries like Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia to name a few. Lately, in 2021, the group decided to move towards vertical and horizontal diversification and thus, Euro Safety Nonwovens Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated to manufacture non-woven fabrics.

As a result, Euro Safety today is recognized as one of Asia’s largest integrated PPE manufacturers and has many certifications including the coveted ISO 9001 & SA 8000.

Q3) Can you elaborate more about the product portfolio & it’s applications?

We provide everything, from industrial safety footwear to workwear and other types of head-to-toe PPE. We provide safety solutions in the form of world-class PPE to various industries in India The industries where our products find application include automobile, service and maintenance, telecom, iron and steel, petrochemicals, and cement. Our products portfolio includes Safety Bump Caps, Safety Eyewear, Ear Protection, Respirators, High-Visibility Workwear, Disposable Workwear, Safety Gloves and Safety Footwear.  During the pandemic, Euro Safety Group rose to the occasion and not only diversified into COVID centric medical products to help save lives but also started ramping up production of raw materials such as non-woven materials to meet the astronomical surge in demand for health and safety products without depending on international sources.

Q4) Which are the some of your pioneering products you introduced in the market recently or Is there any plans to launch the new products?

Through Euro Safety Solutions, our primary focus is on providing our customers innovative safety solutions tailored to their requirements and in accordance with global safety standards. Some of our recent innovations include see-through transparent helmets for construction workers for clients in the Construction industry, metal-free shoes for airport ground staff and extra comfortable shoes for air hostesses for clients in the Aviation industry as well as washable, lightweight shoes with toe caps for clients in the Hospitality and F&B industry. Additionally, Euro Safety Solutions is continuously working towards re-inventing safety for clients in various industries including but not limited to Healthcare, Packaging, and Agriculture. As a result, we are excited to launch a few more brands soon that will represent some of our latest innovations in safety as well as lifestyle products.

Q5) What are your strategies to improve Euro Safety‘s position in Indian & global market as well?

Our long term strategy is to become an integrated, one-stop shop of PPE for all sectors and industry verticals in India. Through Euro Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we are emphasizing on providing end to end bespoke solutions to our clients, beyond just protection equipment. In the process, we interact with our clients, understand their specific needs and pain-points, and only then offer them our customized solutions. We completely design and develop a safety product from scratch for our customers by fully understanding the application and hazards.  All of this is done while maintaining international standards of quality, testing norms and pricing our offering at Indian price points. Through Euro Safety Nonwovens Pvt. Ltd., we have entered the non-woven textile space thus giving us the leverage to permanently enter the healthcare and medical workwear space. On the marketing front, we are adding strategic partners in countries across the globe. Today, Euro Safety is already recognized as one of Asia’s largest integrated PPE manufacturers and through these collaborations, we aim to become the most well-recognized brand globally for all safety workwear in the near future.

Q6) According to you what are the factors affecting to your business?

Like in most emerging economies, the corporate sector in India is only recently buying into the importance of worker safety – both psychological and physical. Cases of workers suing companies for negligence of safety standards are on the rise in India. It’s only a matter of time when safety equipment will become an imperative part of attire for workers in various industries pan-India rather than being an unnecessary expense. As a result of the increasing regulations and awareness, we anticipate a surge in the demand of PPE in Indian industries.

Additionally, as per “World in 2050” report by PwC, India is expected to remain one of the fastest growing economies in the world for decades to come, projected to grow 10 times compared to its size in 2020. This suggests an increase in industrial activity as well as significant improvement in the industry standards to match world class standards.

The confluence of the above factors will result in a growth in the PPE industry and consequently, opportunities for further growth and development in our business.

During and after the pandemic, India started to pay more attention to Safety Products. India began catching up to the international safety and quality standards that paved the way for us to offer products that we were already developing and testing for the global market. The idea behind Euro Safety Solutions is to have a more customer-centric and hazard-specific approach. We are now focusing on offering bespoke Safety Solutions to industries while simultaneously mitigating their workplace hazards to give workers a safer working environment.

Q7) What are the key technological trends that are driving the personal protection industry?

As a manufacturer, we rely on three aspects while assessing technological trends. Firstly, it is the innovation of the raw material with we manufacture Safety Shoe or a Surgical Mask for instance. With newer hazards and challenges being faced at workplaces, it is very important to upgrade our products and innovation in raw material is the driving force in this. Secondly, the improvisations of the safety standards also plays a vital role. Better designing of the product using efficient raw materials and improved testing parameters and procedures also affects the overall performance of the product in real-time. Finally, the way a product is manufactured really holds everything together. At Euro Safety, we believe in investing in infrastructure and that is why we have one of Asia’s finest PPE manufacturing facilities with quality, sustainability and safety certifications from reputed international governing bodies.

To sum it all up, the advancement in the demand of a safety product, the innovation of the product itself and efficient supply of the product is what drives the PPE industry.

Q8) What is your vision for Euro Safety?

Our vision is to educate our customers about the need for Safety and to provide our customers with the right Safety Products. All of this for a Safer India and a more Self-reliant India.