Hikvision Urban Roadways Solution for Multi Scene Monitoring Enhances Road safety and Traffic Efficiency


Hikvision LogoUrban communities are where large numbers of people around the world work, live and play. To meet the transportation demands of persons and vehicles, urban roadways have the ability to reach all parts of the city and connect with roadways to any destination.

But with a high travel frequency, urban roadways are often congested during peak weekday hours. Violations such as running a red light, not following the directional signs, speeding, crossing the gore area, illegal phone use, and seatbelt violations occur frequently. Limited means of monitoring on major sections of urban roadways, fragmented data managed by separate departments, and unintelligent software all contribute to greater safety risks. Meanwhile, law enforcement disputes are caused by manual intervention. But there is a solution.

Hikvision’s Urban Roadway Solution provides multi-scene monitoring, unlawful driving supervision, and intelligent software platforms to reduce violations, protect citizens, and keep city roads safe. This solution significantly helps improve traffic flow and elevates safety levels wherever it is implemented.

Intersection Challenges

Intersections are where vehicles and pedestrians converge, turn and leave. The traffic is very busy. Traffic accidents here are common due to driving violations, causing congestion, personal injury, or property losses. Lack of violation evidence makes response difficult and risks unavoidable.

Live video at intersections 24/7 captures violations and collects high definition evidence for citations. The cameras can also act as a warning to drivers who violate traffic rules and regulations.

Hikvision Urban Roadways Solution

Intersection violation detection


  • Regulates traffic, reduces road violations to reduce the traffic accident rate
  • Improves traffic safety and order, provides safety guarantees for drivers and pedestrians
  • Prevents conflicts between police and citizens and enhances efficiency
  • Standardizes law enforcement


  • Detects a variety of traffic violations including red light running, wrong-way driving, not following the directional sign, illegal lane change, weaving out of the lane, speeding, etc.
  • Captures abundant vehicle feature data – LPR, vehicle color, brand, type
  • All-in-one design reduces installation costs

Visibility & Intelligence
Hikvision adds another level of visibility and intelligence to traffic systems with integrated solutions including Traffic Violation Management, Traffic Order Management, and Traffic Command Center, helping traffic authorities to fully understand any traffic situation and carry out optimal planning and management.

Enhancing road safety:
Multi-scene monitoring and intelligent software platforms help supervise and regulate driving and enhance road safety.

Improving traffic efficiency:
Optimized traffic through data analysis using cameras and back-end devices, helping municipalities build smart, well-informed urban traffic systems.

Reducing enforcement disputes:
Evidence gets collected in high definition and provides end-to-end violation management processes and methods to standardize traffic law enforcement.

Traffic violation management:
Hikvision solutions help traffic authorities accurately identify and reduce unsafe driving, contributing to the development of safe, fluid traffic in modern cities.

Traffic order management:
Hikvision solutions help traffic authorities optimize order on the roads, enhance traffic safety and efficiency, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of law-abiding drivers, and automate traffic optimization with data analysis.

Traffic command center:
Traffic command centers help authorities get real-time road status updates for smart decision-making and efficient enforcement with a unified command interface, enhancing safety levels by reducing serious accident ratios and guaranteeing smooth road operations.

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