Euro Safety became India’s promosing PPE supplier


Q. Please share Euro Safety’s vision for the domestic PPE market.

With more and more industries coming up in India, we see a rise in the need for PPE for workplaces. Euro Safety is strongly focusing on providing PPE to the Indian market for the next decade. We are producing double of what we were producing last year for India as we are forecasting a significant rise in the demand for such equipment in the domestic sector. Our vision is to provide best in class quality products to the domestic market to ensure a safer and accident-free workplace.

Q. Where would you see brand EURO positioning itself in the domestic market by 2020?

By 2020, we see us amongst the top 3 branded and premium PPE suppliers in terms of our geographic reach, product offerings, client acquisition and of course in terms of sales turnover in the Indian sub-continent. Our product development and marketing team is working round the clock and in sync to offer the right product to the customer. In our case, our customer is different from the user. We not only focus on marketing the product efficiently to the decision makers and purchasers, but also develop the product according to those users who work 8 hour shifts and rely on the quality, durability and comfort of the product.

Tell us about your brands.
Firstly, we have Euro Security. Euro Security’s portfolio carries premium head-to-toe safety products fit for all major industries like automobile, oil & gas, light & heavy manufacturing, logistics etc. Secondly, Eurock is an initiative by Euro Safety to provide low cost safety footwear to those industrial pockets where budget is a constraint.
Eurock is produced using high calibre automatic machinery to keep costs down and at the same time maintaining Euro Safety’s quality and comfort standards. Lastly, EURO AVIO. Launching at OSH Mumbai, Avio is our latest contribution to the PPE industry. Avio range of occupational & safety wear is carefully designed and developed for the Aviation and Hospitality industry. With products fit for people working in airlines, airports, hotels and similar service sectors, Avio is first of its kind.

Q. What about your infrastructure?

With around 1000 people working in the organisation, Euro Safety is an ISO and SA compliant organisation. We are amongst the top 3 safety footwear manufacturing factories in India in terms of our capacity and production. With more than 40 years of footwear manufacturing experience, Euro Safety is one of the most recognised names in Europe and Americas. With in-house testing labs, Euro Safety is regularly testing every development in raw materials and final shoe to maintain consistency and standard compliances. We have been awarded and recognised for our efforts multiple times by the Government of India and other judicial bodies.

Q. How does EURO stand differently in terms of competition in the market place?

In a very short span of time, EURO has created a space for itself in the domestic market. Not only do we stand differently, but with high esteem in terms of our product quality, delivery and after sales service as evaluated by our customers. We follow a simple mantra – Sell like you’re on the other side buying the product. When we presume we’re the ones buying the product, we tend understand our customers much better. This is what makes our team so competitive to sell our products.

Q. How the journey has been so far?

Exciting. It’s been a great experience for us and a rewarding journey so far. We are a relatively new entrant and it took us little time to understand the dynamics of this domestic market. Now we are on strong foothold with Pan-India coverage by our distribution network of 35+ dealers, 300+ channel partners and associates with 200+ Product SKUs and a strong marketing team of 25 personnel. For the last 3 years, we had clocked a CAGR of 25%+ on a Y-o-Y basis and we hope to continue with this same momentum for the coming years too with an aggressive marketing strategy, new product launches and by forming strategic partnerships with our suppliers and vendor-partners. We are investing heavily in these fronts to stay ahead of competition and to achieve our mission of being in the top 3-league of branded PPE suppliers in the domestic market.

Q. How do you add value in terms of client offering (product based solution depending on the hazards)?

We are not selling a shoe or a glove. We are selling a solution to the problem. We understand the need for the product, evaluate the hazards and then offer what is right for the customer. We believe in selling the product at the right price, not the lowest price. What price tag would you put on a leg or an arm? That’s right – we do not negotiate the prices because we do not negotiate the quality.

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