Johnson Controls launches FireClass FC600 addressable fire control panels in India


  • New colour 4.3-inch LCD screen with 32 zonal LEDs ensures intuitive operations for all users
  • Simple, powerful panels are ideal for helping to protect a wide range of commercial buildings
  • Part of the Johnson Controls OpenBlue suite of connected solutions that support Healthy People, Healthy Places and a Healthy Planet

Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, today announces the release of the FireClass FC600 line of addressable fire control panels to the Indian market. The two new panels, FC602S and FC604S, each have a 4.3-inch (109.2-mm) colour LCD screen with 32 fire and fault zonal LEDs integrated into a simple interface. These features help users identify and locate potential fire events and system issues quickly. The panels offer easy installation and maintenance while allowing intuitive operation with minimal error for installers, contractors, facility management and other building staff.

The FC602S Addressable Fire Control Panel is a two-loop panel with options to run two standard-power loops or one high-power loop with a maximum of 250 addresses. The FC604S Addressable Fire Control Panel is a four-loop panel with the option to run four standard-power loops or two high-power loops with a maximum of 500 addresses. Each panel offers a 10,000-event log and comprehensive point management and disable functions to give users full control and reduce service and maintenance efforts.

The FireClass FC602S and FC604S Addressable Fire Control Panels feature shallow ancillary housing for a sleek appearance and better fit in smaller areas. For added aesthetics and branding opportunities, the programmable quiescent display offers two lines of customizable text when in screensaver mode. The launch of these panels also includes new available design software with a clean modern look to simplify the project design process.

“The FireClass FC600 panels up the game with their new colour LCD screens, making it easier to review system information through a simple user interface that will reduce operator errors,” said Peter Hauser, senior global product manager, Johnson Controls. “Other features such as automatic battery tests, manual and automatic walk tests, reporting, and detector service functions help further reduce maintenance needs over the life of the panels.”

FireClass addressable fire control panels work alongside other Johnson Controls fire protection, life safety, and connected building technologies to help keep people and buildings healthy and safe. To learn more about the FireClass FC600 line of addressable fire control panels, visit

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