Smart PPE Market

Introduction of new products to Create Tremendous Opportunities for Smart PPE


Smart PPE is increasingly prevalent across the globe, owing to the immense boom in the technology sector. There has been a significant surge in the demand for connected IoT devices across various end-use industries around the world, which is expected to surge the demand for smart PPE. In addition, the pandemic has favoured tremendous opportunities for manufactures and various start-ups to provide their innovative products and offerings to the users. There has been a remarkable growth in the health industry, and hence their demands have seemed to widen over the past few years ever since the outbreak of coronavirus. On top of that, rising prevalence of perilous, infectious diseases such as SARS, Ebola, swine flu, and others are further expected to increase the demand for smart PPE in the upcoming years.

As of now, most of the construction, factory, and mining activities has been resumed which was previously been halted during lockdowns. The demand for smart PPE was adversely affected during the pandemic which impeded the growth of the global smart PPE market. This was mainly due to the stringent import-export and social distancing restrictions imposed by the government of various countries so as to curb the spread of the virus. Thus, people working on numerous construction, mining and infrastructural setup projects might need smart PPE technologies to carry out their everyday tasks with increased productivity. They do not only increase productivity but also provide profuse protection, safety, and security from minacious activities and accidents. Moreover, illustrious smart PPE manufacturers and start-ups are introducing revolutionary products to cater different needs of the people effectively. Some of the groundbreaking trends in smart PPE include the introduction of Nomex® Xtreme Performance, Gales Nursing Shoes and Xupermask. Thus, the demand for smart PPE is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global smart PPE market is expected to grow expeditiously by 2030.

Persistent development in products and introduction of innovative products is a vital strategy adopted by prominent manufacturers and start-ups. This is majorly done to diversify their offerings and widen the customer base. It goes a long way to favour the intrinsic needs of the customer. Prominent players of the market have rigorously researched the distinctive requirements of the customers, and introduced pristine products to cater to those essentials. While introducing these unique offerings, the manufacturers have contemplated all sorts of target customers.

DuPont, an American company dealing with a wide range of technology-based products and solutions, launched Nomex® Xtreme Performance for emergency responders. It is a newly introduced absolute protection and performance solutions category that amalgamates impeccable benefits of Kevlar®, Nomex®, and high-performance materials such as Nomex® Nano Flex, PBO, or Nomex® Nano. Nomex® Xtreme Performance provides exemplary moisture management and exceptional thermal protection. They also provide unblemished protections from heat and flame or any sort of cuts, chemicals, or particulates. Hence, Nomex® can originate in a wide range of firefighter applications, such as station wear, turnout gear, rescue gear and accessories. The remarkable combination of durability, fire protection, and mobility in Nomex® comes out as a game-changing solution to help firefighters get their job done easily and safely.

The trend of introduction of creative products continues with start-ups and established companies to diversify their offerings following the pandemic. California-based new footwear brand Gales launched the first line of Smart PPE Footwear® for healthcare professionals. They have designed quality shoes for nurses, providing the highest level of comfort, protection, affordability, support, and style. These shoes feature patented antimicrobial technology that is capable of providing from odor, bacteria, and fungus. In addition, they possess slip resistant technology to ensure maximized safety on both dry and wet surfaces. Moreover, Gales are completely waterproof, and hence, can be wiped clean from head to toe in a matter of seconds. Nevertheless, their most important feature is comfortability. Gales provide impeccable arch support, long-term cushioning, and moisture management with the help of machine washable Ortholite® insoles. The unique design of Gales eliminates dispensable laces, crevices, and material that usually absorb fluids and dirt making them convenient to clean and dry almost promptly.

The pandemic has had a devasting impact on the people and most industries across the globe. But at the same time, it has also offered lucrative opportunities for illustrious companies and start-ups in the healthcare segment. An eminent Mexican-American Hollywood designer Jose Fernandez collaborated with American entrepreneur and rapper and a dominant advanced technology company Honeywell to create Xupermask. They fabricated this innovative product with a unique blend of smart technology, innovation, and integrated audio design. The Xupermask is a lot more than conventional facemask and it includes a pleated high efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) air filters and built-in Bluetooth earbuds. It is equipped with active air delivery technology that provides considerable protection against not only coronavirus but also biohazards.

In addition, Xupermask is extremely comfortable, enabling fresh air to come in easily. This prevents users to feel suffocated while wearing it. Moreover, the Xupermask is equipped with noise cancellation feature in its built-in Bluetooth earbuds that adds significant value to all music lovers. It comes in both black and white color variants. The mask also has LED lights on the front that gives a tinge of futuristic look. Its immaculately attractive superhero-inspired design has already created a stir in the market since its release in the early 2021. Xupermask is considered as the future of PPE technology, since it was introduced as the modern personal protective equipment that envisions to provide a seamless user experience.

COVID-19 Impact on the Market

Here, it’s worth mentioning that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had an adverse impact on the demand for smart PPE, owing to the prevalence of lockdown in various countries across the globe. All ongoing constructions activities were halted or shut down during lockdown, due to the stringent restrictions imposed by the governments of various countries across the globe. Most of the power plants, technology, and chemical storage companies discontinued their operations. This was majorly done to curb the spread of the virus during the pandemic and address people about the importance of adhering to the necessary social distancing norms. In addition, there was a huge shortage of raw construction materials during the pandemic due to the import-export restrictions imposed by the government. These factors hampered the growth of the global smart PPE market during the pandemic. However, the market is expected to recover post-pandemic.

Article by Shreeras Shetty

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