UNV creating better highways with greater technology


No matter how big a city is, the basic goal of a government is to guarantee safety to its residents. Sometime in 2015, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) contacted us with a dilemma. They were eager to alleviate some complex issues that were caused by the outdated cameras, which were the result of a fairly old video surveillance system. One of the problems was that the car number plates would be totally unrecognizable at night.

Knowing that the issue can be resolved only by premier providers, the NHAI decided to turn to UNV products for a solution. Today, 231 toll stations across India are safeguarded by UNV’s high quality products for more than 3 years.
The National Highways are arterial roads of our country that enable streamlined movement of passengers and goods. In order to manage status of the vehicles and to capture important associated information it is essential to create a modern surveillance system that is capable of handling such traffic. Since 2015, there have been more than 1300 UNV cameras and more than 200 NVRs installed in 231 toll stations all over India. In the past three years, UNV products have never failed. Till date they provide high-quality HD images both during the day as well as the night. Each vehicle information is recorded and can be easily retrieved from the product database at any point in time.

Apart from the above, UNV products have brought many benefits to NHAI. For instance, with a wide voltage range of ±25%, UNV cameras can work well even during voltage fluctuations.

With the in-built ANR cache restore functionality, the camera can swiftly alter itself to save the video into a memory card even on an unstable network. Once the connectivity is restored, the video is automatically uploaded into the local storage present in the toll station.

After their experience an end-user from the NHAI had the following to say:
“I believe in UNV products, because they are stable and professional. They can satisfy our requirement of producing high-quality images both during day and night. Other than our toll stations, there are some airports and other high-end hotels that are using UNV products. Uniview is now a very popular brand in the security industry and is believed to be able to provide reliable, high-quality products.”

About Uniview
Uniview is the leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. With more than 12 years’ of experience in the IP video surveillance industry, Uniview is now the 7th largest manufacturer of surveillance products in the world (IHS Markit).