ZKTECO: Technology leadership for innovative security solutions

“ZKTeco India’s vision is to simplify, protect and secure the lives of the Indian people by providing complete, end-to-end, high quality solutions, as a trusted and responsive partner and ensuring sustainable growth through innovation and operational excellence. “


Q. In this pandemic situation, Security is the need of hour, how does ZKTeco is managing the demand of security systems in India?

Indian Security Sector along with Biometric Industry has undergone a striking and rapid transformation especially in response to the ongoing pandemic. The Security Systems are constantly improving in various aspects ranging from Access Control, Entrance Control, Security Inspection to Video Surveillance Systems that adapt to new situations and challenges, which are much safer, more efficient, powerful than conventional systems. With respect to the current security requirements, the industry is redefining itself towards sophisticated security solutions that provide up-to-the-minute monitoring and embrace integration of People Screening Technology for confronting present-day security threats.

As a testimony to this, ZKTeco’s Touchless Biometric Security Solutions with masked facial recognition and body temperature screening enable user identity authentications to be performed completely touch-free, thereby minimizing the risk of infectious disease circulation. ZK Touchless Entrance Control Systems automatically detect body temperature of users and restrict access upon abnormal temperature detection at entry points. Similarly, Walk Through Metal Detector embedded with Temperature Screening Technology enhances security by coupling both metal as well as temperature detection functions. In addition, our software solutions including ZKBioSecurity, Intelligent Time and easy TimePro enabled with Mask & Temperature Detection Module improve the effectiveness of People Screening in securing various workplace environments and public facilities.

Q. ZKTeco has diverse range of security products; can you highlight some of the top line products & its applications during this year?

ZKTeco has wider and diversified security products range such as Entrance Control Management, Multi-Door Access Controllers, Security Inspection including Metal Detectors and Baggage Scanners, Parking Solution, Elevator Management System, and Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution. Apart from these, we have newly introduced Mask and Temperature Detection Product Line for current security needs. We also offer software applications such as ZKBioSecurity, an ultimate “All in One Solution” software with multi-module integration capabilities.

Apart from Security Products, we also have Biometric Segment comprising of Time Attendance and Access Control Terminals with Visible Light Facial Recognition, 3-in-1 Contactless Palm Verification, Fingerprint Identification, etc.

These products can be integrated to form multiple solutions which provide ample security measures in public transport systems such as airports, ports, metro stations, toll gates as well as in corporate parking areas, IT parks, Industrial areas and in various sectors of both government and private.

Q. What is ZKTeco’s product marketing strategy to confront the competition?

ZKTeco is already a well-established and recognized enterprise in Biometric System and Security Products with respect to the global market. After making its footprints in India and with over a decade of establishing the brand value, we have become a prominent member of the country in the field of multi-biometrics and integrated security systems with the help of our customer value and trust from the global market. Furthermore, ZKTeco represents wide range of security products and solutions in a single platform thereby creating a competitive advantage over other brands, which provides a convenient environment for clients to fulfil all their security requirements. Also, people are showing interest to buy our products because of the excellent customer service and advanced products at affordable price all in one place.

Q. How do you account R&D activity in ZKTeco?

Today everything goes around software which provides communication through network and operability of the applications. That’s where ZKTeco India R&D, Bangalore stands for providing multitude of applications at affordability based on customer requirements in accordance with projects. Recently, we have introduced a new software, Intelligent Time providing multitude of enterprise solutions and data access with the power of Cloud Technology. In addition, being located at Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, offers plenty of technological advantage to the enterprise. The R&D centre also provides a live demo experience about our solutions, which develops a massive application that enhances security software with hardware to the next level.

ZKTeco India also have experience centers at different locations including Delhi, Chennai, Udaipur, and Kerala. It evolves a huge scope for technology solutions of future security by delivering the best application and fool-proof mechanisms that involve incorporation of software into hardware with the help of skilled engineer and professional technical support. In this way we are moving towards our next stage of growth-oriented development.

Q. Does “India” as a market has a great potential? What are the key performance areas?

As one of the largest economies in the world, India has tremendous market potential in various segments including security sector. The security industry has grown several folds in recent years, due to its rapid implementation in almost every private and government organization as a results of increased security concerns, human resource management requirements as well as numerous biometric applications.

Q. Could you brief us the Indian & Global scenario of electronic security systems and solutions industry?

The electronic security systems and solutions industry plays a crucial role in establishing security across various sectors. It witnessed a remarkable growth in the recent years mainly driven by factors such as public safety concerns and increasing demand for technologically advanced security products as well as safety and security legislations that mandate the implementation of electronic security systems.

As far as India is concerned, rapid industrialization, safety concerns associated with growing population and expanding cities are the main factors accounting for the growth of electronic security systems market. The Indian government’s various initiatives taken to implement digital and smart security systems in various public transport facilities and industrial areas as well as development of smart cities will offer plenty of opportunities for the growth of electronic security systems market.

Q. According to you what are the factors affecting the electronic security business?

Safety and security concerns associated with public transport systems, population growth, rules and regulations that mandate the use of electronic security systems, Investment by industries in R&D to develop innovative and advanced security solutions, practical difficulties in implementation of these technologies, rising worldwide threats such as cybercrime attacks, anti-social elements, illegal activities and users expectations for advanced and sophisticated security products, rapid adaptation of security solutions by multinational companies as well as by residential facilities are the key factors affecting the growth of electronic security systems market.

Additionally, the global pandemic is beginning to drive electronic security innovation through devices that comply with governments’ health and safety measures to protect general population by establishing powerful screening methods.

Q. What are the key technological trends that are driving the electronic security industry?

Electronic security systems industry is undergoing a rapid makeover due to integrated technology and solutions in the products and applications for advanced threat protection. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in security systems such as in Smart Video Surveillance, Cloud Technology, IP-Based Access Control Solutions, and Incorporation of IoT in electronic security solutions are some of the major technological forces revolutionizing the electronic security systems industry.

Q. What is your vision for ZKTeco?

ZKTeco India’s vision is to simplify, protect and secure the lives of the Indian people by providing complete, end-to-end, high quality solutions, as a trusted and responsive partner and ensuring sustainable growth through innovation and operational excellence.

Q. What are the issues or initiative needs to be taken by governmental & non-governmental bodies that are related to electronic security industry?

Although the electronic security systems witnessed several technological breakthroughs and advancements, the high installation and maintenance cost associated with it is still a main issue, privacy concerns associated with CCTV cameras, falsely trigged alarms, system failures under certain environments, physical damage to the security systems, effectiveness of crime prevention, hacking, spoofing, power outage are some of the other common issues associated with electronic security systems that need to be addressed.

Government bodies need to focus on accelerating the Smart city projects and other mega infrastructure development projects by more investments as well as by facilitating manpower and resources required for these projects. In addition, both governmental and non-governmental bodies can promote the growth of electronic security industry thereby facilitating the overall infrastructure development.

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