AI-Powered Video Security Cameras Offer Smart Technology Solutions by Adding Value

By Hikvision India


The CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) as we know it, has come a long way from being a physical security device, The CCTV has evolved from analog Camera to IP Camera avatar and over the decades got multiple technology upgrades. With growing demand for security, Video Security Cameras kept on evolving with IoT technology transformations into a Smart Security System. The advent of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered advanced video security cameras. The buzz about AI and its all-pervasive intelligent applications are accepted and appreciated across the verticals. Now AI powered Video Security Cameras are set to transform the end-user experience. These Next-generation AI Powered Video security cameras are a unique blend of technology prowess and edge-based video analytics.

Smart Solutions offered by AI Analytics

The AI Powered Advanced Video Security Cameras are offering Smart Security Solutions, Alerts and Business Intelligence (BI) with value added AI analytics. AI Analytics is a subset of Artificial Intelligence technology that applies machine learning to get insights, define patterns and discover the links within the datasets.
In the physical security domain, AI Analytics applies algorithms for automatic detection, categorization and analysis of objects and motions based on video data. Smart solutions offered by AI Analytics have some of the benefits related to cost and response time. It also facilitates new practices and processes to resolve the core security issues.

Application Scenarios

The multiple use cases of AI Analytics, includes myriad application scenarios are gaining popularity and market acceptance. These include Facial Recognition, Vehicle Identification, Intruder Detection, Hard Hat Detection, Fall Detection and People Counting, etc. It is interesting to note that how the AI analytics work through the various application scenarios.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Technology is a subset of AI Analytics technologies. It is by far one of the safest identification methods to effectively reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Its application scenario includes Access Control, Time Attendance and Visitor Management.

Vehicle Identification

The Vehicle Identification is the solution offered by AI Analytics. It reads the number plate through ANPR camera and does the analysis of vehicle on the basis of colour, type, manufacturer, and even travel direction. It is done automatically with the help of algorithm-embedded cameras at the entry & exit points. The vehicle identification technology is used for various scenarios including Entrance and Exit Management, Traffic Violation Management and Dock Management.

Intrusion Detection and Intruder Identification

In the physical security system domain, the most critical part of an intrusion detection is identification of the intruder and avoiding the causes of false alarms triggered by pets, animals, leaves, heavy rain, etc. Here AcuSense Technology helps in the automatic detection of humans and vehicles through real time video analytics. The AcuSense technology applies deep-learning algorithms for these critical functions. It is being used for various application scenarios, including Command and Control Centers, Warehouses and Residential Properties.

PPE Detection

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) detection is a technology that employs cameras and deep-learning algorithms to automatically identify and alert PPE violations – for example, not wearing hard hats in high-risk working areas such as construction sites and mines. This PPE detection technology is applied in several high-risk working environments. It is applied in construction sites, factories and warehouses and mines.

Fall Detection

The Fall Detection is an AI analytics technology enabled solution. It uses machine perception and video analytics to detect persons falling in a pre-selected area monitored through next-generation video security cameras. It was designed especially for those, who suffer from illnesses or disabilities, triggering instant alerts to authorized personnel so that they can take immediate actions. The Fall Detection technology offers great help and protection in a variety of scenarios, including Nursing Homes and Hospitals, Senior Citizens and Public Areas.

People Counting

People Counting is another solution offered by AI analytics enabled technology that uses specifically designed cameras and deep-learning algorithms to automatically measure customer flow through a door or within a certain area in retail stores, malls, public places or buildings.

Flow Control

The Flow Control Technology enabled solution provides timely alerts to the command and Control Room when the number of people in a specific business environment reaches the particular threshold pre-set by the management. It helps the facility managers and security guards controlling the crowd flow. This technology helps the effective crowd management, which can be ensured by limiting the number of visitors in a particular crowded zone. The Flow Control Technology supports compliance of crowd safety parameters.
This technology helps the effective crowd management, which can be ensured by limiting the number of visitors in a particular crowded zone. The Flow Control Technology supports compliance of crowd safety parameters, it raises alerts, when the threshold is breached.

Queue Management

The Queue Management solution is driven by AI Analytics. It helps in an effective way to manage the queues. AI-powered cameras trigger a notification when the number of persons in line or the wait time of each person exceeds thresholds set by store operators.