Yardstick for safety & compliance at commercial kitchen


Are you a kitchen supervisor? A safety officer? A Chef? Or A Foodie????
Whatever category you fall into, individual safety and safety of those around us is each one’s responsibility.

Imagine you sitting in a Food court or Working in the restaurant’s kitchen and suddenly a fire breaks out! Highly dangerous, right?

Well this is NO Exaggeration. LPG or PNG leaks are one of the highest risks associated with kitchens. To avoid such fatal situation, the authorities are obliged to install LPG gas leak detector in their kitchens. But mere fixing of Gas Detector and its associated circuitry is not sufficient. To have optimum protection it is mandatory to follow the safety norms and guidelines related to it.

Major key-points recommended by Ambetronics Engineers Pvt. Ltd.:

  • Type of Sensor to be used: Pellistor/ Catalytic Bead Sensor/ Infrared Sensor
    The gas sensor is capable of detecting the concentration of LPG/ PNG gas in 0–100 % LEL range having a resolution of 1.
  • Alarm Indication levels: To ensure the safety of the personal and infrastructure, Ambetronics recommends to set the Alarm levels as given:
  • Mounting Height of Gas Detector: LPG gas is heavier than air, hence it sits to the floor level. Whereas PNG is lighter than air & hence tries to escape higher to the ceiling. To have an optimum and precise detection, Gas Detectors should be fitted at a distance of:
    LPG Gas Detector: 6 inches to 1 feet from the ground surface.
  • PNG Gas Detector: 1 feet above to the potential leakage source of PNG Pipeline.
    Detector Housing/ Enclosures: LPG/ PNG is highly flammable and explosive above 40%LEL. Hence Ambetronics Gas Detectors are enclosed in a Flame-Proof Housing made up of Cast Aluminum Alloy, LM-6.
  • Protection Class: To protect the gas sensor as well as the gas detector from water, oil fumes and dust, it is compulsory to have the instruments tested for IP 65 or upper protection class. Ambetronics GT – 4000 FLP & GT – 2500 FLP, GT – 2511 FLP gas detectors are IP 65 & IP 66 compliant respectively.

Ambetronics Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company manufacturing products that are CCOE, CMRI & CE compliant. The design and installation process given by Ambetronic’s Technical Experts has been unquestionable for past 26 Years. With 25000+ instruments working on site, Ambetronics has always stood higher in the field of Human & Industrial Safety.

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