Connecting to a sustainable life with Green Wires


Contemporary electrical wires and cables have always been equipped with fire retardancy. Almost every wire being used today in the industrial and domestic sector offers basic levels of flame retardance and safety from the propagation of flames. While this level of protection is essential for every project and household, the chemicals used in and during the manufacture of these materials are toxic and result in contamination of land and water tables.

A normal Flame Retardant wire when exposed to a flame produces smoke which is thick, opaque and full of toxic fumes that poison and suffocate. While wires exist that produce thick smoke these are nevertheless hazardous due to the toxic fumes they produce and the hazardous chemicals they are made of.

Polycab Green Wire is a building wire manufactured by Polycab India Ltd. which offers far higher degrees of safety while also being non-toxic and eco-friendly. The copper conductor used in Polycab Green Wire is crafted from the 99.97% pure electrolytic grade copper and is equipped with a specially designed insulation that has a heat resistance of 85 degrees centigrade, as opposed to ordinary PVC wires that have a heat resistance of 70 degrees Centigrade. This gives Polycab Green Wire a higher current carrying capacity. An ordinary single core unsheathed cable in 1100V grade of conductor nominal area 6 sq mm has a current carrying capacity of 37A; for this same specification, a Polycab green wire has a 20% higher current carrying capacity of 44.4A.

The insulation layer protecting Polycab Green Wire is made of an HR-FR-LSH-LF polymer. It has a major component of Type C PVC compound which is Heat Resistant, Flame Retardant, generates Low Smoke, has very low Halogens and is Lead Free. The Heat resistant property of this wire ensures stability of the insulation during the usage and thus controlling the increase in temperature. Heat is the major source of energy loss from electrical wirings, which is reduced by up to 20% using Green Wires. Due to its extended conductivity, advanced heat retardant capability and use of premium Type C grade PVC, the operational range of Green Wire is -15°C to 85°C where a normal PVC wire has an operational range of up to 70°C.

In addition to the operational capabilities, the insulation crafted for green wires are completely recyclable and thus the need to dump it in landfills should never arise. The wires are RoHS and REACH compliant. For being RoHS and REACH compliant the insulation must not have elements like Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Chromium etc. under a prescribed safe limit. This makes green wire safe for building occupants as well as for the installation engineers, subsequently due to lack of carcinogenic materials, the occupants stay safe from the risk of cancer. The advanced raw materials used in Green Wires enhance the stability and lifetime of the product. Manufacturing of Green Wires takes place in a green zone. Due to this there is no external contamination, thus keeping the product as well the environment safe.

Article By

Bhushan Sawhney | Executive President & Chief Business Officer (LDC & Cables), Polycab India Ltd.