Hikvision Unveils Advanced 720p Analog Intercom Solution With 4-Wire Configuration For Improved Residential Security


Hikvision has announced the launch of a new 4-wire HD analog intercom solution. This cutting-edge solution is designed to enhance security and convenience for villa and apartment owners and their visitors. By leveraging the power of Hikvision’s exclusive High Definition Transport Video Interface (HDTVI) technology, this solution delivers 720p image quality, easy deployment, intuitive controls, and extended transmission distance.

Clark Ying, intercom product manager at Hikvision, says, “The analog intercom market also craves high-definition solutions. And we are proud to launch this HD analog solution to cater to the growing needs of residents for security and convenience. It adopts TVI technology, offering 720p HD image quality while retaining the ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness of an analog sys-tem.”

Superb image quality in HD 720p

Unlike traditional analog intercom systems, the Hikvision 4-wire HD solution promises 720p HD image quality. Powered by Hikvision’s TVI technology, this system enables the transmission of larger bandwidth over 4-wire analog infrastructure. This results in remarkably clear images with a resolution of 720p HD, surpassing the limitations of traditional Composite Video Broadcast Signal (CVBS) resolution (720 x 576). Best of all, this advanced image quality can be achieved without the need for more complex IP-based systems.

Hikvision 4-wire HD solution

User-friendliness through plug & play and intuitive control

With a plug-and-play installation process, villa or apartment owners can have the intercom sys-tem up and running in no time. Simply connect the necessary wires, and the system is ready to be used. It also features intuitive controls that can be accessed through the physical buttons of the indoor station. Users can adjust settings such as the doorbell sound, unlocking time, bright-ness, and volume, ensuring that the system is tailored to their specific preferences.

Hikvision-intercom sys-tem

Versatile installation options with extended wiring range

With the ability to support up to 100 meters of wiring (AWG16), the system can cover large dis-tances and accommodate the diverse needs of villa owners, making it suitable for even the most complex villa layouts. Moreover, the solution topology supports maximum 2 door stations and 3 indoor stations in one system, allowing for flexible installation options to meet the own-ers’ requirements.

Hikvision - analog intercom solution

Easy integration with video security systems

Additionally, the Hikvision 4-wire HD analog intercom solution seamlessly integrates with Hik-vision’s analog cameras. Users can directly connect the indoor station to analog cameras placed at their garage or the front door area, thus enhancing the overall security of their property.
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