Streamlining FDI and augmenting Defence R&D and Manufacturing capabilities to push India’s $5 Billion Defence Exports Target, says a Report


Nexgen Exhibitions, organizers of the renowned International Police Expo, one of Asia’s premier homeland security and defence expos, have released the findings of a comprehensive survey aimed at streamlining Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and bolstering Defence Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing capabilities. This initiative aims to propel India towards its ambitious $5 billion defence exports target by 2024-25.

The survey, conducted across 15 cities in India, saw participation from over 130 national and international arms, ammunition, and security equipment manufacturers, exporters, and start-ups. The key highlights underscored the need for streamlined FDI inflows, elevated technology integration with AI and other futuristic technologies, and a robust skill development ecosystem to create a large pool of industry-ready professionals.

By enhancing R&D and manufacturing capabilities, India’s homeland security and defence sector is poised to emerge as a global manufacturing hub. Additionally, increasing procurement categories is a significant step toward boosting domestic defence manufacturing. Currently, India exports defence equipment to over 75 countries, demonstrating its growing footprint in the global defence market.

The homeland security sector is crucial for maintaining internal stability and protecting national interests. Integrating advanced technologies and data analytics is paramount for effective threat detection, surveillance, and response. By leveraging AI and machine learning, security agencies can predict and mitigate risks more efficiently. Moreover, developing a robust disaster management mechanism ensures preparedness and swift response to emergencies, enhancing public safety and national resilience.

Aadhar Bansal, Director, Nexgen Exhibitions said, “The increase in procurement categories and emphasis on quality and innovation have positioned India as a reliable defence equipment supplier on the global stage. The Government’s supportive policies, coupled with strategic partnerships and collaborations, are driving the growth of India’s defence exports, bringing the country closer to its $5 billion target by 2024-25.”

The International Police Expo is rapidly becoming Asia’s most influential platform for senior police and law enforcement officials, security agencies, government representatives, and professionals.

This event facilitates connections between global and domestic manufacturers, suppliers, and innovators, fostering discussions on the key priorities shaping the future of policing and homeland security.

Scheduled for 4-5 July, 2024 in Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, the International Police Expo will see participation from over 25 countries, including the UK, USA, Israel, Poland, Croatia, UAE, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

These countries will showcase their latest innovations and technologies, providing a platform for international collaboration and exchange of best practices. Some of the top companies participating in the exhibition are MH Service, Stalker Radar, Smytec, ACE6 Technology, Canon, Condor, Oxford Dynamics, 3rd Eye Techno Solutions, eSec Forte Technologies, Pelorus Technologies, Kapri Corp, ClearTrail, Cellebrite, Matrix Comsec, Mittal Coin, AKS IT Services, Lightmen, Sparsh CCTV, CST Advanced Systems, iAcuity Fintech, Geo Informatics Consultant, Zen Technologies, Cyber Intelligence Global LLP, Society for Integrated Circuit Technology & Applied Research (SITAR), Siphon Electronics, Modern Informatics, Rose plastic, Bhavi CommTech, Panshul Multitrade, Systools Software, APC Technologies, Abbott Medical Diagnostics, Munitions India, Dawell Lifescience, INNEFU, ARK Infosolutions, Hope Security Equipments, Technos Instruments, CP Plus, Shyam VNL, DOK-ING.

The expo has garnered recognition for nurturing relationships with influential representatives and supporting international manufacturers and brands in their growth journey in India. To complement the efforts of Central and State Governments in police modernization and strengthening internal security infrastructure, the International Police Expo aims to elevate the standards of Police, Civil Defence, and Homeland Security. The event will feature discussions led by eminent researchers, security experts, technology developers, and Senior Police Officers from State and Union Territories, as well as International Police representatives.

It will cover topics like Cyber Security, Safety and Rescue, Forensics, Communication and Transmission Systems, and Ballistic Protection.