How Parking Lot Solutions offer secure and efficient parking with video protection


The parking problem in India is getting worse by the day. It is fast turning into a major urban crisis, especially in metro cities. This is a critical  issue that needs immediate attention from  urban designers and managers, as well as citizens.  These parking problems  not only affect the movement of vehicles on the streets, but also leads to higher pollution levels. It has an adverse impact on the safety of vehicles and traffic off the streets. Parking in cities is a daily struggle and a perpetual challenge for vehicle  owners. There are often long queues at the car parking lots.

Rising cases of theft and vandalism are a growing concern in the parking areas while parking lot owners are finding it difficult to manage parking lots due to  rising operating costs. Meanwhile, there is a rise in demand for Smart Parking Solutions.

Nowadays, parking lot operators are striving to make the most economical use of their lots. Drivers have difficulty finding a free space conveniently in enormous parking lots. Even car park operators often complain about the low utilization of spaces.


In the parking lots, entrances and exits are always a top concern, especially when there are time requirements and labour costs involved. Intelligent vehicle authentication is highly required for enhanced security and smooth passage experience, such as alarms for unauthorized vehicles, ANPR detection, etc.

Another common need is record keeping.  In most cases, vehicle records  in a parking lot often face challenges due to mismanagement, inefficiency or tempering.   It is important to quickly locate vehicles of interest to provide evidence and resolve disputes effectively.

There are different  types of parking lots in metro cities to offer parking solutions to vehicle owners, but each one has unique challenges that needs to be addressed.

Hikvision Parking Lot Management Solutions

Hikvision Parking Lot Management Solutions can help and guide drivers to a free space quickly, and streamline the flow of parking, freeing up spaces more quickly for further occupation, helping optimizing operations, and providing extra layers of security.

Innovative Parking Solution

Hikvision offers smooth entry and exit experience with authorized license plates to boost access efficiency. With ANPR-empowered products, vehicle records are easy to retrieve for efficient operation. The key features of Hikvision Parking Solution include recording vehicle license plates, images, and video, ANPR license plate fuzzy match, event filter, date & time, unauthorized vehicle alarms and vehicle counting for analysis.

There are four broad categories of parking lots and each one requires unique and bespoke solutions. They are Free Public Parking Lots, Residential Parking Lots, Business Parking Lots and Mall Parking Lots.

Free Public Parking Lots: This category is rare to find in metro cities, but still, civic administration often has Free Public Parking Lots in public spaces. The challenges faced are lack of effective movement and non- availability of  substantial evidence in disputes.

A  customized solution to Free Public Parking Lots, includes, auto recording of vehicle license plates and images, easy retrieval and export of vehicle information and various Camera options for varied requirements.

Resident Parking Lots: These parking lots are often found in private resident properties and gated communities. They are managed by the resident societies or private contractors. The key challenges relate to low authentication efficiency and  inefficient Access Control.

The customized solution designed for residential parking lots,  include Touch-Free, Non-stop drive- through operation, easy visitor information management and authentication using ANPR, Cards, or QR Code.

Business Parking Lots: The business parking lots are often given on contract to private contractors. The challenges include long rush- hour queues and numerous vehicle types to manage.

The customized Business Parking Lots solution offers self-service requirement. It also offers flexible settings for access and fee policies. It supports two- factor authentication.

Mall Parking Lot: The mall parking lots are facing unique challenges due to the fast- growing trend of high volume visitors on weekends and holidays. The challenges include difficulty in finding vacant spaces, customers forget where their vehicle is parked, and insufficient evidence for dispute or loss investigation.

The Mall Parking Lot Solution, includes visual parking guidance, vehicle locator tool, easy retrieval and export of vehicle information, flexible setting, and fee policies.

Hikvision Parking Lot Management Solutions help to address the core parking issues. These Smart Parking Solutions  not only ease the movement of vehicles on the streets but also help in reducing the pollution levels caused by heavy traffic congestion. To get rid of parking woes in the urban scenarios, it is always better to opt for Smart Parking Solutions.

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