Sure Safety: Committed to comprehensive Safety Solutions


Sure Safety LogoVadodara-based Sure Safety is a vibrant organization and a formidable name in personal protective equipment with a proven track record of groundbreaking achievements. The company prides itself in having launched India’s first industrial hygiene division in 2004, demonstrating its commitment to occupational safety from day one. In an exclusive interview with Industrial Safety Review, the company portrays not only a string of glittering milestones but also its inherent strengths, capabilities and commitments to build a world that is safe and secure. Excerpts

Q. Sure Safety has been around for more than a decade. What are the innovations you have spearheaded in the Industrial Safety industry?

We are a leading name in personal protective equipment with a proven track record of groundbreaking achievements. We pride ourselves in having launched India’s first industrial hygiene division in 2004, demonstrating our commitment to occupational safety from day one.

Sure Safety’s capabilities extend beyond the national level, as evidenced by their successful decontamination of the world’s largest passenger ship in 2007. This project exemplifies their expertise in large-scale decontamination procedures.

Continuing their dedication to public well-being, Sure Safety introduced a revolutionary Sewage Safety Van in 2008. This innovative solution has demonstrably improved sanitation efforts within Vadodara.

Sure Safety’s commitment to cutting-edge technology is further underscored by their collaboration with HMS2 in 2015 to develop India’s first space suit. This remarkable feat signifies their capacity for complex engineering and willingness to push the boundaries of PPE development.

By 2016, Sure Safety’s unwavering focus on quality and service had solidified their position as India’s largest safety solution provider. Their impressive track record boasts of over 5,000 satisfied customers, a testament to their steadfast commitment and dedication to client satisfaction.

In essence, Sure Safety’s journey reflects a continuous pursuit of innovation and a commitment to providing comprehensive safety solutions. Their impressive achievements have not only positioned them as a leader in the Indian PPE market, but have also garnered them international recognition.

Q. Tell us something about your evolution and growth into a trendsetter in PPE products.

Sure Safety boasts of an impressive annual production capacity of 12 million safety helmets. The company played a vital role in the fight against the pandemic by manufacturing and supplying 1 million PPE kits. In the fiscal year 2022-23, Sure Safety secured a substantial contract to supply PPE and fire protection products valued at Rs. 60 million to one of Nigeria’s largest companies

Q. How do you ensure the quality and safety standards of the PPE products manufactured by your company, especially given the heightened importance of protective gear in today’s world?

We thoroughly inspect our PPE. Manufacturing defects that could threaten user safety and replace equipment when deficiencies are identified. After passing the initial inspection we test a single product and then process it further.

Q. With the landscape of safety regulations constantly evolving, how do you stay ahead and ensure that your company’s products meet the latest standards and guidelines?

Our research and development department constantly works with various technologies and emerging trends to match up with market requirements for example during covid we came up with unique breathable safety kits.

Q. Your company also operates a training institute. How do you ensure that the training programs provided are up-to-date and effective in addressing the needs of your clients?

We first assess the training needs of our clients and how the clients will be benefit from the training, how this will solve the problems our clients are facing on-site and benefit of it. We set the organizational training objectives. Implement training initiatives. Evaluation with pre and post quiz and revise training where it required.

Q. What measures would you take to ensure sustainability and environmental responsibility in the manufacturing processes of PPE products?

We are a zero waste company and believe in recycling of all our waters. We conserve water through rain water harvesting and try maximise use of sustainable products

Q. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in terms of regulatory compliance, supply chain management, and talent acquisition, and how have you addressed them?

These are emerging challenges of a fast growing Indian economy. We have an excellent logistics department which keeps up to these challenges and Human Resource management. They always innovate exciting ways to get new talent and retain existing ones.

Q. How do you envision the company’s growth trajectory over the next 5 years, and what strategies would you implement to achieve these growth objectives?

Over the next five years, Sure Safety plans to expand globally, diversify our product range, innovate continuously, prioritize customer needs, optimize operations, and invest in talent development to achieve sustained growth and leadership in the safety industry.

Q. Collaboration and partnerships are essential for business growth. Could you discuss any strategic partnerships your company has formed and how they have contributed to its success?

Sure Safety has established strategic partnerships with Pelican (US) and Respirex (UK), leading manufacturers of industrial flashlights and respiratory products respectively. These collaborations have enabled Sure Safety to expand its product portfolio into niche markets within India and have been met with positive customer reception.

Q. Have you got any accolades for your outstanding achievements?

We have received several accolades in recognition of our outstanding contribution to safety and security. These include: SME AWARD 2019, HSE AWARD 2018 and MSME AWARD 2017.