Experts approved antiviral jumpsuit to help Jumpstart Industrial India


The antiviral jumpsuit developed by Nanochemiqs is a unique combination unique application of non metal/ non silver nano particles embedded solution called ViroWipe JS01 textile treatment.

Although we live in uncertain times and a fully developed vaccine may only be available next year, nanotechnology provides a significant solution to the developing challenges of Corona Virus. Various studies show nanotechnology can significantly reduce the spread of Corona virus from person to person. In fact, though many nanotechnology based products are being tested, developed and manufactured worldwide for deployment, containment, diagnosis and treatment of the virus, Nanochemiqs has developed an antiviral jumpsuit to effectively slow down the enormous spread of the virus.

The jumpsuit, effectively, reduces the chances of catching the Corona virus by 99.97%. The nanotechnology in the jumpsuit developed by the brand can not only address but also reduce the many public healthcare challenges that we continue to fight today since the Corona virus pandemic was declared. One of its key contributions, as a product, will be in the industrial sector where workers must not only be secured from the potentially hazardous environment of a factory but, now, also the Corona virus. A disease that can not only be transmitted through humans but also inanimate objects.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown markets across the world that consumer demand patterns will change, and surprisingly at that. Which means that companies around the world will soon be seeing a complete paradigm shift in the global supply chains that may be required to be rerouted depending on the quickest and safest methods. In fact, the public policies of governments are likely to make significant interventions in these matters as it will not only be the supply chain but also the cold chain processes that may be required to evolve. Which further means that companies will have to adapt to dynamic market conditions on a continuous basis. Thus, in this matter, we believe that all world governments and private organisations will have to address unprecedented challenges in three phases: stabilisation, reconfiguration and recovery. The Nanochemiqs antiviral jumpsuit is able to position itself in all three phases, thereby creating a chain of protection along every single route to normalisation.

The nanotechnology treatment has been designed to effectively reduce the virus and bacteria infectivity on contact. Functioning as a constant sterilization solution to protect against the virus particulate matter that may settle on the human body and other objects, the jumpsuit can be worn by industrial workers over their uniforms and without it as well. In fact, the entire jumpsuit has been developed using 100% breathable cotton which will allow the average factory worker to work with ease without external factors like heat getting in the way. This is especially important right now since heat may make the workers remove the jumpsuit, making them vulnerable to the Corona virus. Besides, the intrinsic properties of the jumpsuit is such that it remains durable for up to a year, is washable and can be worn several times without worrying about the nanotechnology coating wearing out.

The global industrial market has continued to function at a slow rate through the current period of significant market volatility and diverse stimulus packages. However, the immediate priority right now is to prevent the health crisis from becoming an enduring financial crisis. Since the Indian industrial sector is a highly connected market, and sometimes fragile as well, companies must work with regulators, governments & trade bodies to identify key points that must be kept in mind during the slow and steady process of opening up the economy. In order to prevent turning the COVID-19 virus into an economic contagion, it’s important that products like the antiviral jumpsuit be embraced. But what must be kept in mind is that the jumpsuit helps prevent the spread of the virus, it’s not a cure. Thus, it’s important for people to understand that concepts like social distancing must still be followed and carried forward for the next couple of months. This will allow the industrial sector to slowly understand the changes it needs to put in place for the future without causing health issues to its workers. Most importantly, it is also a call for all the factory owners to start updating their systems and machines in order to keep up with the changing times, while making sure that all their equipment is treated with nanotechnology coatings as an added safeguard for the workers.

Besides the usual safeguards such as masks, the Nanochemiqs ViroWipe JS01 provides an added level of protection to the jumpsuit & as a consequence the human body. In fact, an aerosol challenge test assessed the potential for viable viruses to pass through the textile material, and the fabric treated with the nano technology showed reduced signs of the virus infectivity. As compared to untreated control fabric, the treatment proved effective against key virus types: H1N1, H5N1, H7N9, 229E (COVID-19) and RSV. Moreover, the residual virus infectivity on the jumpsuit was also tested based on a modified ISO 20743 method, and it resulted in rapid antiviral effect demonstrated within five minutes.

Besides the jumpsuit that traps and immediately kills viruses and bacteria on contact, Nanochemiqs has pledged to further develop more wearable material that will be EU BPR and EU REACH compliant like the jumpsuit. Additionally, the company CEO Mr. Sasha Bose also added, “The main ingredient in the formula is Oekotex Class 1 certified and EPA/BPR (EU – TR) registered, even before we even went into the development stage of the jumpsuit. In fact, considering the effectiveness of the jumpsuit, we have also started developing face masks, medical gowns, curtains, drapes, bed sheets & covers and under garments. Besides, our formula has also been found to be quite effective against Influenza, Avian Flu, Swine Flu and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) as well.”

Other than working on prototypes for other apparel options, Nanochemiqs has also developed an anti-microbial coating. It is a sterilization solution to be used on building infrastructure systems that protect us against most types of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The company will be utilising this new coating at a Greater Kailash Gurudwara, more specifically in their kitchen, to help make the religious centre virus free.

Sasha Bose is an entrepreneur in the field of nanotechnology implementation. He has over 2 decades of rich experience in successful development and implementation of novel technological solutions to drive changes in the industry. Currently the CEO of NanoChemiqs, Sasha drives hard to implement nanotechnology to improve lives and make them safer.