EZVIZ C1HC Smart Home Camera: Small in Size, Big on Features


EZVIZ C1HC camera is a compact sized indoor wireless smart security camera. C1HC packs essential functionalities like 12 metre (40 foot) night vision, two way talk and simple installation making it an ideal choice to protect your home, shops, etc.

C1HC provides video resolution of 1080p giving crystal clear image throughout the day. C1HC camera has 2 infrared illuminators to light up the area for up to 12 meters (40 feet) even during low light conditions or night time, so you can see everything clearly in live stream and recorded footage. The camera has wide angle lens of 108 degrees (diagonal), which helps to cover most of your indoor area.

With combination of C1HC and EZVIZ App, one can receive real time notifications on their phone as soon as the C1HC detects any motions happening including those that happen in the dark helping you to get all the details going on at home.

C1HC camera offers Two Way Communication feature wherein using EZVIZ App you can communicate with your family from wherever you are like an phone call. Thanks to the advanced full duplex audio feature two sides can talk simultaneously.

With C1HC, there is absolutely no need to drilling a hole in your wall. The installation process is made super-efficient and super easy. All you need to do is unwrap the package, plug in the cable, and mount the camera on a metallic surface or any other place using mounting kit included in the camera box.

With a built in Micro SD card slot the camera can support micro SD card storage of up to 256GB. You can save all your precious moments on the micro SD card inserted in the camera and access the same using EZVIZ App from anywhere and during any time of the day.

Below are the key features of the camera explained in brief.

Resolution- C1HC boasts resolution of 1080p providing you with clear images throughout the day.

Wide Angle- C1HC provides wide angle lens of 108 degrees (diagonal) covering most of your indoor area.

Night Vision – When there’s insufficient light for you to see in the dark, the C1HC camera still sees what’s there, up to 12 meters (40 feet) away. Two super-efficient infrared illuminators light up the camera’s expansive field of view, so you see everything clearly in the live stream and in recorded footage.

Receive Notifications-The C1HC records every motion faithfully — including those that happen in the dark. You’ll receive instant notifications on your phone so you can get the details on all the goings-on at home.

Two-Way Talk- Use the EZVIZ App to call your family at home from wherever you are. Like an actual phone call, two sides can talk simultaneously—thanks to the advanced full-duplex audio feature on the C1HC.

Easy Installation- Not interested in drilling a hole in your wall? No problem! We’ve made installation of the C1HC super easy. Just unwrap the package, plug in the cable, and mount the camera on a metallic surface or any other place using the mounting kit. Once you find the right viewing angle, you are all set!

EZVIZ App- With the EZVIZ App, you can capture, save, protect, and share what’s valuable to you.

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