Hikvision MinMoe Compact Face Recognition Terminals Ensure Swift Touch-Free Access Experience


Hikvision India has introduced the value series MinMoe Compact Face Recognition Terminal for swift touch-free access control and time attendance applications. The cutting edge Deep Learning algorithm is making the Touch-Free Access Control experience easier and smarter than ever. The demand for contactless access control is growing in the Indian market as post pandemic phase it has been considered essential for safe reopening of Schools, Stores Offices and Factories.

To meet a multitude of real-world scenarios and customer needs, the MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals have line-up of product offerings. With powerful functions and competitive prices, the Value Series (DS-K1T343 and DS-K1A340) products have been uniquely designed for application scenarios, such as schools, stores, offices and retail shops. These sleek Face Recognition Terminals exquisite and very cost-effective.  They are powered by deep learning algorithms and supports cloud-based attendance management.  These Face Recognition terminals are flexible for installation and deployment. Hikvision MinMoe Value Series (DS-K1T343) is used for Access Control and Time Attendance applications. Hikvision MinMoe Value Series (DS-K1A340) is suited only  for Time Attendance application.

“We see a great synergy of these products with the safe reopening phenomenon happening now in the post-pandemic times.  The schools, stores, offices, retail shops and many other application scenarios can benefit from the ‘touch-free’ experience that face recognition provides. With advanced deep learning technology and diverse practical functions, we expect that MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals can bring more security and efficiency to our small and medium sized customers, making access control, time and attendance, much easier,” said Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.

Fast, accurate recognition, even in darkness

Hikvision MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals are powered by a deep learning algorithm, which increases accuracy of face recognition to over 99% and enhances verification speeds to under 0.2 seconds. The enhanced verification rates and accuracy ensure a pleasant, “touch-free” experience for users – a vast improvement over swiping ID cards or fingerprint scans. Furthermore, MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals perform well in low- and even zero-light environments.

Better security with face anti-spoofing

Equipped with dual lenses – a visible light lens and an infrared lens – MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals will only grant access when both lenses detect the same person, as well as determine whether the face is actual, not an image. This anti-spoofing technology makes access control management much safer and prevents most attendance fraud.

 Multiple linkages and third-party integration options

Along with door linkage, MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals can be linked with NVRs for data recording and storage. They can also be linked with network cameras to allow clear video recording of the scene when any pre-set events are triggered. Meanwhile, MinMoe products provide an abundance of third-party integration options for extensive compatibility, allowing quick and cost-effective connections between MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals and customers’ existing door control and attendance systems.

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