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You want to keep your surrounding clean and your home neat as of COVID situation now, but have you ever thought about your hand’s safety while doing these work? The household gloves a.k.a. cleaning gloves are made up of natural rubber, various chemicals and flock. These gloves are manufactured keeping in mind the customer requirement with elevated level of well-being. These gloves are available in different sizes and colors. Having a pair of hand gloves at your home or workplace is always safe. Each and every gloves are sanitized twice before the dispatch is done.

Features and Benefits:

  • Household gloves protect hands from harsh chemicals at home.
  • These gloves have long cuff which protect the hand when dusting, cleaning, polishing.
  • Available in different colors.
  • These gloves are worn skin fit with allowing the hands to breathe.
  • These gloves are long lasting.
  • They help to retain moisture and the natural protective oils of your hands.
  • It is easier to hold and manipulate things/objects as they have good grip of handling.


  1. Cleaning home, cafe, shops and other public places.
  2. Washing dishes
  3. House-Keeping
  4. Fishing
  5. Food Industry
  6. Other General Application

Why you should use household gloves?

  • Protect your hands from harsh chemicals and infections.
  • For keeping your environment clean.

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