Jeevan Industries: Technology leadership in safety industry arena


JEEVAN is a leading manufacturer of Personal Protective equipment in India. The vast range of PPE from JEEVAN is known for its finest quality and performance, besides providing the best & exclusively customized Industry specific fall protection safety solutions. JEEVAN specializes in the field of Safety Harness & Body Belts, Hooks & Karabiners, Lanyards, Safety Helmet, Safety Shoes. All these products goes under stringent quality checks and made as per IS & DGMS and other International norms.

JEEVAN also offers services such as Facade cleaning, Scaffolding, Cradles on rentals and manufacturing . As a service company among service companies, All Services Are stern ly dedicated to remain in the industry forefront, providing its customers with a consistent high level of service, with competitive pricing and total safety consciousness. We will achieve this through our commitment to provide proper training of all employees that include jobsite safety, product usage, customer retention and general job instruction through continuing organized classroom study, along with ongoing job performance evaluation in the classroom and at the job-site.

Our mission has been, and will always be to “Give the customer more than they expect”.

We Provide :

  • Building Maintenance Unit
  • Gondola / TSP / Cradle on Hire
  • Scaffolding on Hire
  • Aluminium Tracks
  • Material Lifting Machine
  • Fire Rescue Device
  • Cooling Tower access system

Our Servicess :

  • Glass / Facade Cleaning
  • Water Jet Pressure Cleaning
  • Glass Restoration
  • Banner Installation
  • Painting Work
  • Glass / acp Fabrication Work

Building Maintenance Unit

Building maintenance unit (BMU),called gondola in some places also is a kind of suspended access equipments intended to be permanently installed and dedicated to a specific building or structure for cleaning and maintaining windows or exterior walls for high building. Every building differs from each other in both shape and surface, so Building maintenance unit shall be designed and manufactured according to the specific situation of building. We can design and manufacture building maintenance unit (BMU) according to your building structure and your detailed requirements, so that every corner of your building can be maintained to keep fresh forever.

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