Kochi smart city command centre equipped with Delta video wall solutions


Delta, a leading provider of video wall solutions, successfully set up a large-scale Video wall for Kochi Smart City in its Integrated Command Control & Communication Centre. Kochi Smart City has India’s first integrated command and control communication center (IC4) which is completely deployed on cloud. The IC4 inaugurated by Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala via video conferencing on June 8 2020, will be the brain for city operation, exception handling, and disaster management. It will also provide insights by processing complex datasets at an aggregated level to derive intelligence for improved planning and policy making.

Kochi city in Kerala, India is among the first 20 cities selected under Government of India’s smart cities mission. The Smart Cities Mission (SCM) aims to rejuvenate the prevailing urban ecosystem through Area Based Development (ABD) strategies. The objective of the SCM is “to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart’ Solutions”.

Seen here is Delta equipped IC4 with two sets of Video wall. The  391 sq.ft. Delta video wall is made up of 27 screens of 70” each, in 9×3 configuration and 116sqft Video wall, consists of 8 screens of 70” each in 4×2 configuration. A large Video wall installed at the centre will help to respond to situations, both proactive and reactive that will truly make the city operations “SMART”. Delta’s Video walls with windows based Control system at the centre will be for monitoring and surveillance. CCTV cameras installed in public places across the city can be accessed from Video walls. The emergency services like, police, fire stations, other rescue services and LED Streetlights have been integrated with IC4. In the long-run other government services will also be integrated gradually.

Being a 24×7 facility, part of which will be utilized for Covid-19 war room, was very critical to us and Team Delta exceeded our expectations. Delta engineers were able to quickly install the setup and help us complete the project on schedule despite the state lockdown imposed due to the pandemic. The end-result turned out even better than we had anticipated,” commented a CSML Official.

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