Matrix COSEC ARGO Series


After the core operations, it is the security of an organisation that plays a crucial role in any business. Assigning physical security, frisking unidentified users entering the premises, installing surveillance cameras with guarded entry and exit can be a good start. Access Control systems are all about having the right people, in the right place at the right point in time.

Concerning the present-day scenario and the number of security breaches that are taking place, who doesn’t want a fool-proof access control solution?

The access control industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Considering the fact that security is the prime matter of concern in this era. Deciding to invest in biometric scanners, traditional locks, perimeter access control or even video surveillance – Access Control is quintessential for defining physical security to the next level. Still, the door controllers used for authentication have their own limitations, performance is still one of the prime aspects of any security needs of any organization. Moreover, the performance of the door controller fails when the installation is for critical outdoor deployments and when it comes to next-generation connectivity.

Matrix COSEC ARGO is designed to offer unmatched performance that will revolutionize the security challenges. It is a next-generation biometric door controller with a 3.5’’ IPS Touchscreen LCD. This device is designed for offering multiple applications such as Access Control, Time-Attendance, Cafeteria management and Job Processing & Costing. Thus, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware for various solutions!

Armed to offer contactless credentials, it is designed to withstand challenging outdoor conditions!

Key Features: 

  • Mobile-based Access
  • Wi-Fi or PoE+ IT Infrastructures
  • New age Bluetooth based Credentials
  • Compact and Easy to Install
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Auto Push Event Data
  • 50,000 Users and 5,00,000 Event Storage Capacity
  • Access Control and Auxiliary Devices Interfaces
  • Innovative Design
  • Power to Lock
  • 3rd Party Readers Support

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