MECO Phase Sequence Indicator


In Electrical Systems, without identification of phase sequence it is impossible to proceed further.

MECO Phase Sequence Indicator (PSI 2016) is used to determine the Phase Sequence R, Y & B of 3 Phase Voltages. It is important that Phase Sequence is known properly prior to energizing electrical motors and other equipment, as incorrect connection could cause damage to the equipment.

Features :

  • Voltage Range (PH‐PH) 100 – 600V AC.
  • Frequency Range 40 ‐ 400 Hz
  • 3 Phase Sequence Indication via LED & Buzzer
  • Reverse Phase Indication via LED & Buzzer
  • Open Phase Indication via LED & Buzzer
  • No Battery Required
  • Rugged & Handy
  • Easy & Safe to Use
  • Phase presence indication from as low as 100V AC (Phase – Phase)
  • Colored Test Probes with Heavy Duty Insulated Crocodile Clips for R, Y, B Phase Connections
  • Accessories : Test Leads with Insulated Crocodile Clips & Carrying Case.

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