Prolite- Because Buying Genuine Certified Products Is Only Half Work Done


Well begun is half done, is a popular saying. A solid start paves the way to victory, but victory is still not achieved until you cross the finish line. When you purchase Prolite products to secure your premises against mishaps like sudden power outages, fire emergencies or the like, you have only begun well but the job is still not done.

Prolite Autoglo Ltd. is not just a manufacturer of world class emergency lights and signages but also an institution committed to educate and inform common people about how to keep premises safe 24×7 by optimum use of safe exigency products. The nature of the premises, the surroundings, and the use of the premises in question all need to be taken into account before installing Prolite emergency lights and signs. Prolite’s team of experts study all these factors and coupled with the guidelines of the NBC tell you where to install what product and what nature of product is best suited for installation.

Residential premises and business premise face different nature of threats and hence, the products to be installed are never identical. For example, hazardous premises where the risk of fire of high temperatures would require flame resistant or flame proof products to be installed. Therefore, chemical factories, godowns storing inflammable materials or firecracker or weapons units would need a whole new breed of exigency tools as compared to a mall or a housing society. Another important factor is how many and where. The shape and size of the premises will determine how many lights, signs and related products would be ideal. Also, the locations of the installations would also differ. Here, Prolite’s team will give you a clear picture as to what to buy and how many to buy. Thereafter, the team will identify installation points and when that is done and products duly fitted in place, the job is fully done. After all, “Well begun is half done”, did not quite do it for the proverbial hare against the tortoise did it?

[Courtesy: Prolite]
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