Ramping up production capabilities to meet PPE needs in healthcare


In the wake of the recent outbreak of the COVID-19, KARAM is standing by all its stakeholders. Through various modes of communication, we are assuring our customers and stakeholders about our responses to this critical situation. Simultaneously, we are communicating with our customers regularly to trengthen our relationships.

Undoubtedly, all business establishments, have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. That said, we see a huge increase in demand of PPE. At a time of great human need, we have rapidly progressed our production capabilities to meet the needs of our healthcare sector. Along with chemical splash goggles, we have now added medical face shield in our product range.

Through these initiatives, KARAM aims to expand its healthcare PPE portfolio looking at the current scenario. We are trying our best to support the government and the rising needs of PPE.

Ensuring productivity with employee well-being Most of our team members are working

from home while only some of them in factories are going in to work. We are ensuring the well-being of our employees at the manufacturing units by stringently following social distancing. Every employee is maintaining proximity of 1-2 metres from their fellow employee. Additionally, every worker is wearing
safety equipment while working, and the premises is sanitized daily.

The Covid-19 crisis is an opportunity for companies to show how resilient and well prepared they are to manage risks and adapt to new circumstances. Facing unprecedented tensions, organizations must question themselves about their purpose and how they operate. This crisis should be seen as an opportunity to rethink corporate responsibility.

KARAM starts production of face shields amidst the Covid-19 pandemic