Rechargeable LED Work Light: Pelican ProGear 9420 and 9420XL


Rechargeable LED work lights are a Pelican Products specialty. The 9420 LED Work Light is a part of the Pelican ProGear family of products.

The rechargeable 9420 LED Work Light’s lightweight design and quick release tripod base means hauling and setting up this expandable light is easy, painless, and quick. Extending to 62″, the fully adjustable light head means light is evenly distributed throughout the work area.

With 1,000 lumens on high, the 9420 rechargeable LED Work Light is powerful. The quick-release rechargeable lithium ion batteries recharge in just two hours for continuous running.

This rechargeable LED Work Light retracts from 62″ to just 29″ for maximum portability. The water resistant light head is designed Pelican tough.

The rechargeable 9420XL LED Work Light comes with a shoulder strap, spare power pack battery, vehicle charger, and a convenient carrying case.

Rechargeable LED Work Light: Super bright, fast setups, fast swap battery, and a long, long run time.

The Pelican ProGear 9420 LED Work Light:…

The Pelican ProGear 9420XL LED Work Light:…

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