Support plays a major role to our business

Mr. S. Susindran, Chennai, Vsmart Technologies Private Limited
Mr. S. Susindran, Chennai, Vsmart Technologies Private Limited

Q. In your opinion, what is the state of security industry in India and what is the trend you see in the space?

Today, the security industry is growing and we are moving from security in closed spaces to security and surveillance of public places. We foresee that both government and private sectors would spend on this industry. IP based surveillance cameras are the current trend and hence, we have shifted from Analog video surveillance to IP video surveillance. Another trend is that now there is more traction for an integrated solution as opposed to standalone security products. Areas like sensor based detection biometrics and in-line baggage scanners are expected to gain popularity. Furthermore, spending is likely to increase in these areas over the years.

Q. Which market are you targeting?

We focus mainly on corporate and government, where the percentage of competition is less compared to other areas.

Q. What are the various security related products that you offer?

We offer complete range of security products like Biometric, IP based Surveillance, under vehicle scanners, DFMD, Automatic gating solutions, Turnstile products, etc.

Q. What is the advantage of Matrix products vis-à-vis the competition?

Matrix is a SUBSTANCE brand. Substance is in the DNA of Matrix solutions. Substance in the form of technology, depth, genuineness and going beyond the mere outer façade and offer more values in all the areas. This is what differentiates Matrix from the lot. Matrix solutions are packed with ‘More’. More productivity, more applications, more flexibility, more functions, more features, more cost saving, more reliability and more support. Matrix positioning is based on offering more of these true inherent values, which customers expect from infrastructure solutions.

Q. What is your marketing and channel strategy?

Our marketing strategy towards end customers is pursuing a referral business. Most of our new businesses are through referrals from our existing customers. Other than this we have a marketing team who work on the field to generate new business and also through online marketing.

Q. What is your support strategy?

Support plays a major role to our business. All our products, which we offer to customers, are rugged products that require minimal support from our team. This helps us reduce the support calls. To reduce the onsite support, we try to close the support calls online, which reduces time & money spent.

Q. What are the challenges that you are currently facing in India?

Pricing of our products is one of the major challenges that we face. Our products being high-end have their prices on the higher scale. Hence, we work with only those customers who understand the technology and quality of the product.

Q. What kind of plans and expectations do you have for this segment this year?

We plan to focus specifically on government departments this financial year. We have a dedicated team to work with the government departments for preparing tender specifications. We are expecting to receive majority of our business from the government this year in the security segment.