Touchless biometrics will drive the future of digital world


As COVID-19 spread around the world, the daily business activities are severely affected. Therefore, ZKTeco will establish the ZKTeco Online Exhibition website to maintain close interaction with you at all times.

On the ZKTeco Online Exhibition, you will see our best solutions, some of which will include 3D virtual scenes to enhance your experience. Moreover, you will learn more about the features and advantages of our solutions by watching a demonstration video attached to each solution.

Join us on the ZKTeco online broadcast, where our amazing global professionals share knowledge and bright ideas, and you will be able to know more about ZKTeco by being in the comfort of your home.

ZKTeco Online Exhibition is scheduled during 2nd June to 4th June, 2020. Kindly register now by visiting the link below:

Looking forward to your visit,