Employees’ Safety is an essential for any company


We exist in a world where mishaps can occur anywhere – including at the workplace. As an employer, it is your expected duty to ensure that a workplace is a safe place for your employees so that you can prevent workplace injuries. To help your employees stay safe at work, you, as an employer, need to give time the critical safety factors.

Having workplace safety rules in place to ensure your employees know and follow work safety obligations is essential for your company. Buying a group Mediclaim policy is also very relevant here. .Some companies, like factories and manufacturing units, might also need to buy personal protective equipment to safeguard their employees. The following points focus on the basic safety parameters that every organization should follow to provide a safe environment for the people working there:

Assess & Mitigate the Risks of Workplace Hazards

Are packages or other storage units in your storage capacity set up and stacked safely? Do the people working in your organization know where the fire exit is and where they should assemble if there is a fire? These are some of the key points that you should assess while mitigating the risks of workplace dangers.

Along with these pointers, you must pinpoint hazards in your workplace and take measures to reduce or curtail them. You can develop a safety plan for the same. Risks might need to include everyday situations, such as a cleaner at work with heavy-duty cleaning products, a mechanic working with large equipment, or a warehouse manager loading heavy boxes. Every risk should be kept in mind and mitigated with safety measures.

Establish Workplace Rules

It isn’t enough to have a safety plan. Each quarter or at regular intervals, you should alert your workers to a safety drill and get them to practice it so they can comprehend what to do and where to go during an unlikely crisis. Successful and clearly conveyed rules with a coordinated disciplinary program are pivotal to any workplace security program. If your employees don’t have a sufficient idea about what the emergency rules are and what is expected from them, you can’t safeguard them from any disaster. Hence your work plans and the required discipline should be communicated and upheld consistently.

Buy Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is hardware or clothing that is worn to lessen the possibility of risks that could cause injury or damage. This equipment helps in protecting your employees from hazardous situations, substances or similar threats. It could include gloves, safety glasses, ear security, safety boots, hard hats, coveralls, respirators, or full bodysuits.

The workers should be trained to use these protective pieces of equipment correctly. You also need to ensure it is up to the standard legally necessary to keep your employees safe at work.

Get a Group Mediclaim Policy

Employees bring in business, and their wellbeing reflects on the face of your organization. As an employer, you need to guarantee their safety while they are at work. One way to keep them happy and healthy at work is to buy a group mediclaim policy from a reputable insurance broker like SecureNow. It is specially crafted for every organization and covers the costs related to the health care services that the employees or their families (if covered) can avail.

Unlike an individual medical coverage plan which is intended to offer inclusion to an individual or at best a family,  a group Mediclaim policy is for a group of people working in your organization. If you opt for a separate health insurance policy for every employee, it can create confusion since everyone’s renewal date will be different – and it will be costlier too. However, in a group Mediclaim insurance, there is a single renewal date and it is lesser in cost.

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