Why are Emergency Lights mandatory as per NBC?


Disasters differ in nature from region to region, time to time. And the best people to engage and get support from in any area, is with the sufferers themselves, who know the place and the perils concerned best. Instead of implementing ideas top-down, experts agree that efforts should involve grassroots communities for effective disaster management. Joshimath for example, was in the news and evacuation and safety actions were taken in close coordination with the locals. Here it was a situation of fault lines causing buildings to break and cracks to form in houses and homes.

People need to be trained to take risks seriously and understand that their involvement has to be non-negotiable if the larger objective is to be achieved. Regular drills and workshops are important. Street-theatre performances can also improve outreach. All information and instructions shared must be expressed in simple language, so everyone can understand.

Why Are Emergency Lights Mandatory As Per Nbc?

Anticipation, prevention and preparedness is the primary task and rescue and rehabilitation becomes the priority once the disaster has actually occurred.

Emergency lighting is just one component of a building’s life safety systems, but perhaps one of the most important, which is why NBC makes its installation mandatory. It provides a minimum level of visibility to help direct the building’s occupants safely out in desperate moments. Moreover, it also helps personnel and emergency responders locate safety equipment, perform safety functions, or shut down hazardous equipment or operations.

An emergency light can be defined as a battery-backed lighting device that switches on automatically when a building experiences a power outage or when a lighting circuit fails. The purpose of emergency lighting is to provide a decent level of illumination on or along the egress path that allows the occupants of the building to safely exit in quick time in the event of a fire, blackout or mains power failure.

Prolite has many products to offer including some unique ones such as the floor embedded exit light “passerelle”. This light is embedded in the floor with a glass cover for visibility. The light act as Escape Route Guide Marker (ERGM) on the floor level in normal as well as in pitch dark conditions.

Passerelle is especially designed for high risk areas viz., Airports, Metros, Warehouses, Halls, and Theatres etc. Ingress Protection of IP 65 ensures the fixture to resist harsh climate thereby making it suitable for Outdoors. The protection of Deep Discharge, Overheat and fascia covered with toughened glass help retain long life of the fixture and suitable for Indoor spaces where there is use of heavy load, vehicles like forklifts, etc.

The light when connected with mains comes with pre-set dimmer level which saves energy and does not hurt your eyes while walking. Whereas the same light gets brighter when switches to battery becoming more prominent and visible for people to escape in total darkness.

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