Detect gas leaks in home kitchens


Wall-mounted gas leak detecting system, Gas Leak Alert GLA-222, from Ambetronics Engineers Pvt. Ltd., alerts house members much before explosive limit, enabling quick remedial measures and preventing accidents

You make sure that your kitchen has all the necessary appliances, but have you considered your kitchen’s safety? Having an LPG cylinder or a PNG pipeline at home is unavoidable and its usually safe. However, a gas leak in the kitchen can be extremely dangerous. Many accidents happen due to gas leakage which causes great loss to lives and assets.

No doubt we are aware of what nec- essary actions should be taken once a gas leak is suspected. To enhance safety measure, Ambetronics Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has introduced Gas Leak Alert GLA-222, a wall-mounted gas leak detecting system which alerts the members of the house much before the explosive limit which would help in taking quick remedial measures and accidents can be avoided. Key Features of this device are:

  • Provides fast & reliable response by using Semiconductor Technology for detecting leak of LPG /CNG/PNG/ LNG/Natural Gas/Flammable Gas.
  • Optimized for detection of smallest gas leak with integrated Buzzer and LED indication.
  • Provides visual and audible signals when the gas concentration crosses the Pre-set alarm level.
  • Easy installation, simple Plug in de- sign for home use, 230 powered VAC.
  • Optional Single Alarm Relay to oper- ate shut off valve.

    Know why you should install Gas Leak Alert GLA-222 in your kitchen:

    • Compact Size.
    • Quick Response Time (<5 seconds)
    • LED visual & 85 dB audio alarm.
    • Detects excess temperature in kitchen.
    • Plug & Play type device.
    • Modern design along with two colour options i.e. blue & grey.


Ashish shah
Ashish Shah,Managing  Director,Ambetronics



Ashish Shah, Managing Director at Ambetronics says, “Since we have long been catering to B2B market only, we are now venturing into B2C market with our newly designed residential LPG/PNG leak detector that is a plug and play leak detector which can be installed in every home kitchen.”