Matrix Cosec Argo Face

The Integrated Contactless Identification Device to Upgrade your Security!


Corporates have upgraded their standard measure to match hygiene alongside security to provide a secure working environment. Unifying aesthetics, hygiene standards, and technology, MATRIX COSEC ARGO FACE combines all the requirements into one. With top-class processors, a deep learning algorithm, and the best hardware inclusive of two in-built cameras, it acts both as an Access Control device and a surveillance-grade camera.

With a sleek design and top-notch appearance, it brings the best in luxury alongside utility. With features such as impact-resistant and scratch-proof Gorilla glass, dust and water resistance, and vandal resistance, MATRIX COSEC ARGO FACE covers all-round aspects of high-end access control devices.

With an Adaptive Face Enrollment Feature that keeps the database updated for all facial changes occurring in registered users, this technological marvel stays on the frontline of security and provides instant access despite any major facial changes.

Going an extra mile for your safety, MATRIX COSEC ARGO FACE features Face Liveness Detection that protects users from being substituted with an image from either print or electronic media to gain unauthorized access.

With the integration of multiple credentials, this device stays tech-savvy and future-ready. Few benefits that you bring into the workplace environment from using MATRIX COSEC ARGO FACE are contactless authentication, high-speed Identification eliminating grouping, accurate imaging even in low light conditions, to name a few.

The perfect combination of performance and elegance, MATRIX COSEC ARGO FACE is the answer for your organization.


  • Multiple Credentials inclusive of Contactless Technology – Face, BLE, PIN, and Card
  • Deep Face Learning Algorithm with Adaptive Understanding
  • Weatherproof and Vandal resistant
  • Capacity to store 2,00,000 Face Templates & maintain up to 50,000 Users

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