Hikrobot Shines at Automation Expo with Launch of Four New Machine Vision Products and Display of Mobile Robots


Hikrobot participated in the 16th edition of Automation Expo-2023 to showcase its latest cutting edge technology and intelligent solutions. Hikrobot has launched the four new products at the event.It has also displayed three types Mobile Robots (LMR, FMR and CTU). The event is beingorganised from 23-26 Augustat the BEC, Goregaon,Mumbai. The event was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Vinayak Pai, Managing Director and CEO, Tata Projects in the presence of guest of honour Vinayak Marathe, Head India Business Operations, Phillips Townsend Associates and other dignitaries from the Indian Automation Industry.

Hikrobot had participated in the latest edition of Automation Expo to launch and display its Machine Vision and Mobile Robot Solutions. The Hikrobot booth showcased Machine Vision and mobile robot products. Focusing on IIoT, smart logistics and smart manufacturing, Hikrobot provides service to industry and logistics customers, and commit to continually promoting the intelligentization and leading the intelligent manufacturing process.

Hikrobot Shines at Automation Expo with Launch of Four New Machine Vision Products and Display of Mobile Robots

Commenting on the participation in Automation Expo Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.,said, “We had launched three new products, including AI smart camera, Deep Learning Code reading algorithm and New Generation of control, processing equipment for visual inspection and Hand Held Smart Code Reader at the Automation Expo-2023, it is apremier eventfor the Indian Automation Industry.We also displayed Hikrobot’s innovative solutions in the Machine Vision System category, including Area Scan Camera, Line Scan Camera, 3D Camera, Smart Camera, Vision Box, FA Lens, Light Source and Software. These solutions are relevant to various industry segments.”

The Hikrobot’S newly launched products included, AI smart camera based on a high–performance embedded platform (MV-SC6000), Built–in deep learning code reading algorithm (MV-ID3000XM), New Generation of control and processing equipment for visual inspection(VC2000/VC3000Controller) and Hand Held Smart Code Reader(IDH3013).The machine vision solutions that were put on display at the Automation Expo, included both Static DWS and Dynamic DWS, Smart Vision Sensors, RSC (Robot Control System) Software, Machine Vision Accessories, Line Scan Camera, Vision Master Software, Machine Vision Light Products, Sequential Light Inspection, Smart Code Reader, Large FOV Smart Code Reader, Parcel Tracking Solution, Intelligent AMR Products, FMR, CTU, CMR, CMR & HMR, and Accessory Platform.

Hikrobot Shines at Automation Expo with Launch of Four New Machine Vision Products and Display of Mobile Robots

Another highlight of Automation Expo 2023 was the carefully curated conference programe, which includes: Expert Talk on ‘Future of Automation’ by Rajashree Rao, Founder conference CEO – Techutzpah Consulting, MD – Mythistical Foundation. The following days programs included a conference on ‘Futuristic Instrumentation & Automation’ and ‘Factory Automation’.

The Automation Expo had the exhibitors from the regular focus areas of Factory Automation, Process Automation and control, Robotics, Field Instrumentation, Control Rooms, IIoT, Cybersecurity, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Industry 4.0 and other emerging technologies.

The four-day extravaganza of Automation Expo will have display of products and cutting edge technologies from the field of process automation and control systems, factory automation, industrial automation, field instrumentation, smart sensors and controllers, robotics and machine automation, motors and drives, software solutions, bus technologies, wireless technologies, building automation, automation in hydraulics and pneumatics, automation in renewable energy and safety and security systems.

Hikrobot booth at the Automation Expo got good response from relevant visitors and delegates. The show attracted visitors and automation industry stakeholders from across India.

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