Hikvision launches polymer anti-corrosion cameras with next-level durability and performance


Hikvision has released a range of next-generation anti-corrosion cameras. These have highly durable, lightweight polymer housings, allowing them to withstand the harshest industrial and marine environments. As well as offering durability and resilience to chemicals, salt and other corrosive materials, the new cameras offer great image quality, even in low-light conditions. With intelligent features for distinguishing between people, vehicles and other moving objects, the cameras also help to minimize security false alarms.

Max Fang, Hikvision’s Product Director, says, “Corrosion is an ever-present challenge. It can affect our daily use of electronic devices and the operation of machinery in industrial environments. By inventing polymer anti-corrosion technology and products, Hikvision provides a new, effective way to meet security needs in corrosive environments. Industries and households alike will benefit from these new cameras. They are a budget-friendly choice and users will be amazed by their ruggedness and performance.”

All-round protection with cutting-edge materials and design

polymer anti-corrosion cameras

The polymer housings of the new Hikvision corrosion-resistant security cameras eliminate the need for heavy and expensive metals like stainless steel or coated aluminum. The results are lighter, more robust cameras that are fully corrosion resistant and C5-M & NEMA 4X certified. The durability of every component is assured, from the camera mounts to cabling.

Excellent imaging and adaptive intelligence

polymer anti-corrosion cameras

From the bullet camera to the PTZ, Hikvision’s polymer anti-corrosion range offers unrivaled image clarity. Hikvision’sColorVu and DarkFighter technologies ensure clear, full-color imaging, even in low-light settings. Powerful supplemental lighting enables clear imaging at long range.

The anti-corrosion cameras also include a number of innovative deep learning features. One of these is Hikvision AcuSense technology, which distinguishes between human and vehicular activities and other moving objects to reduce false alarms and to alert security teams to potential incidents.

End users can integrate additional third-party deep learning features or their own algorithms into the cameras using the Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) 2.0 and Hikvision AI Open Platform (AIOP).

polymer anti-corrosion cameras

Constant imaging clarity in unpredictable climates

The Hikvision polymer anti-corrosion cameras are built to withstand harsh conditions and inclement weather in coastal areas and ports. They are equipped with a built-in window heater to prevent the camera lens from fogging up during sudden temperature changes. At the same time, a motorized wiper ensures constant imaging clarity, even in heavy rain.

The PTZ camera model also features Smart Pan-Tilt Correction, which automatically corrects the position of cameras that are moved slightly by strong winds. All of these measures ensure that environmental obstacles never compromise security.

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