Videonetics launches video analytics based pandemic management suite


Videonetics Launches ‘SAJAG’ World’s First AI & DL Powered Video Analytics based Pandemic Management Suite Empowering COVID-19 Warriors

Videonetics launches world’s first video analytics based Pandemic Management Suite ‘SAJAG’ powered by its AI & DL framework, commits to empower COVID-19 warriors and crusaders by delivering actionable intelligence with in-depth insights to combat spread of the novel coronavirus.

Videonetics SAJAG has been trained with real-time video data to address real-world challenges pertaining to COVID-19 such as social distancing, queue and crowd management, Masks & PPE detection, identifying vehicles of interest to name a few. The video analytics based Pandemic Management Suite has been efficiently scaled up to act as a true decision support system to not only reduce incidents of infectious disease, in current situation, but also ensuring compliance with guidelines post the lockdown.

Expressing on the launch, Dr Tinku Acharya, Fellow IEEE, Founder & MD, Videonetics said, “I am proud that we are the World’s first company to unveil AI & DL powered Pandemic Management Suite to vanquish and fight against COVID-19. Built for tough environmental conditions, SAJAG has multi-faceted applications which will certainly equip on-ground team as well as stakeholders at command control center to improve response management and help in taking precautionary measures in saving lives of citizens as well as their own lives.”

SAJAG: The Video Analytics based Pandemic Management Suite comprises:

Social Distancing Management:
Videonetics ‘Social Distancing Management’ technology automatically calculates the distance between two neighbouring persons in real time as well as average distance between them within the field of view (FOV). If two or more people violate predefined social distancing norm, authorities will get an alert of the incident. It is also seamlessly integrated with a statistical analysis tool to evaluate and monitor social-distancing compliance within the FOV during certain interval and use the data to aid decision making of the authority.

Queue and Crowd Management:
Videonetics Queue and Crowd Management is now enhanced with social distancing norms. The places like airports, shopping malls and railway stations etc are the areas wherein Queue & Crowd Management can help providing actionable intelligence in such critical situations.

Masks & PPE Detection:
It identifies human faces in real time who are not wearing masks. The system is intelligent enough to classify types of face covers such as mask or any other objects such as cloth, scarf so on. In addition, it also detects health workers with or without “Personal Protective Equipment” at health care facilities like hospitals & nursing homes.

Detection of Vehicles of Interest:
The software provides unique feature of detecting vehicles of interest such as unauthorised vehicles plying on the road without due permissions

Integration of Body Temperature Detection Camera:
Number of camera manufacturers proposed to bring ‘fever detection’ cameras to fight coronavirus. Videonetics is offering its API to integrate such cameras with its Intelligent VMS. Fusion of such thermal camera with visual imagery can become another tool to identify people in the crowd with symptoms of possible corona infection and track these people within the crowd. Videonetics Intelligent Video Analytics can play a vital role in this application, particularly in airports, railway stations, bus stations, supermarkets, malls and other crowded places to fight the coronavirus and manage pandemic.

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