AL-KHODARI in Saudi Arabia chooses for Matrix time attendance solution


Abdullah A. M. Al-Khodari Sons Company is a multifaceted contracting company in Saudi Arabia. This company conducts business in diverse sectors such as civil engineering, roads and bridges, railways, buildings and infrastructure, water and waste water treatment, oil-gas and pipelines. It has 25 construction sites across Middle East.

Managing time-attendance, shifts, overtime and leaves of 20,000 employees at different locations was a challenging process for them. They wanted a centralized time-attendance solution that would enable them to manage attendance data from a central location and speed up the payroll process.

Project Highlights

  • Time-Attendance solution for 25 construction sites
  • Access Control solution for 25 sites
  • Centralized attendance management for 20,000 employees


Al-Khodari is engaged in wide spread construction activities with 60 construction sites in the Middle East. Managing time-attendance, shifts, leaves and overtime of 20,000 employees at different locations is very time consuming and a tedious task. Previously, the customer was using Hand Geometry solution, which was very time consuming. Workers also found it difficult to place their palms in the proper position. Managing time-attendance data of all employees on a central level was also becoming difficult for the company.

Furthermore, the head office was using a different time-attendance solution in comparison to other sites. The head office processed the salary of employees after receiving an attendance summary from each of their branches. The process of salary calculation with respect to working hours and overtime of each employee took around 10 days.

Moreover, there were chances that the attendance data was inaccurate, leading loss of efficiency and employee dissatisfaction. To overcome such challenges, the company required a centralized time-attendance and access control solution which could be managed and controlled from the head office.


After discussing all of their problems and requirements Matrix offered web based COSEC CENTRA Time-Attendance and Access Control solution for their multi located branches across the Middle East. It automated all time-attendance processes right from recording entries to processing salaries. COSEC CENTRA Access Control solution allows controlling access on three simultaneous dimensions– user, zone and time.

Optical fingerprint based time-attendance and access control terminal COSEC DOOR FOP was installed to mark the attendance and get access using fingerprint credentials. As per assigned access rules and time-attendance policies, access is allowed or denied, and event data would be pushed from all devices to the COSEC CENTRA server in real-time. COSEC CENTRA server is installed at the head office to where attendance data of all locations are collected centrally. Various types of time-attendance reports and charts can be generated for faster and accurate salary calculation.

Solution Diagram


  • Time required for salary calculation reduced by 30%
  • Productivity increased by 20%
  • Control of all sites through a live monitoring window
  • Error free time-attendance and overtime data
  • Database management of all employees
  • Centralized report generation



Optical Fingerprint and RF Card based Door Controller


Fingerprint Enrolment Station


Web based Application Software Platform


Time-Attendance and Leave Management Module


Access Control Module

  • COSEC LE USER10000

10000 User License for LE Platform