Q. In your view, how is the security landscape in India vis-a-vis global scenario?

The Indian Security Market is moving fast towards maturity. It is briskly adapting global trends as per projects and special requirements. In the Indian market customer preference has been shifting from analog based surveillance systems to IP based surveillance systems. The global proliferation of Integrated Security Solutions and IoT trends has created a huge demand for IP based video surveillance and security systems (Access Control, Intrusion and Perimeter Security Systems) in key verticals.

Indian security market remains an enigma due to its multi- layered structure, huge scale, socio-economic diversity, various vertical markets and myriad customized requirements compared to other developed countries. India is one of the fastest growing markets for security products and solutions across the globe. The Indian security market is currently moving towards a mature stage. In the coming years, India’s security market is expected to grow further. The government’s Smart City Mission and Safe Cities initiatives are creating new opportunities for the security Industry.

The rising awareness about the benefits of the electronic security equipment amongst the Tier-I, Tier-II, and Tier-III cities of the country also encouraged the electronic security industry to expand their manufacturing facilities in India. In fact, to cope up with a requirement of huge proportions, Prama Hikvision India has a long term commitment to ‘Make in India’ program. We are following the India specific product roadmap. We had already started production in a state-of–the art manufacturing facility near Mumbai to cater to the India and overseas market.

Q. Highlight the challenges and opportunities within the country in the security segment.

India is one of the largest security markets in the world after the US and China. The Indian security market presents unprecedented opportunities for lots of futuristic technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Big Data, and Machine Learning. India also has the vast pool of trained engineers and skilled workforce. The incumbent government needs to leverage the immense potential of India’s Security solution providers, it could be the best opportunity for security professionals, channel partners and the business community.

The consolidation trend in the security industry has created large corporate entities with diversified product portfolios, but managing the wide range of products has remained another challenge. The pricing, taxation, import duty, the policy framework and standards are some other critical challenges, which needs to be resolved by the government and industry bodies. The widely unorganized and unregulated security market in India remains a perpetual challenge.

Q. How are technologies, such as AI, Cloud, Big Data and IoT transforming the security industry?

The Indian security industry is in a transition phase with the growing adoption of AI, Big Data & IoT trends and other new technologies (Blockchain, UAV & Robotics). These technologies are evolving the security industry to the next level. They are enhancing the capabilities of security systems and empowering the end-users with smart applications.

Q. Please update us on the key products you are showcasing at the upcoming Secutech India 2019. What kind of response are you expecting?

Hikvision is making fast advancement in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data, and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. Our latest security product portfolio is empowered by applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, AI Cloud and Advanced Video Analytics.

We have a comprehensive product offerings in the security product categories, namely Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Alarm, Perimeter Security, Smart Home (EZVIZ) and Video Door Phone, Storage, AI Cloud, Robotics, UAV + Jammer and UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) segments.

Hikvision will showcase a wide range of Video Surveillance Systems during the Secutech Exhibition. Our latest products include, 4 MP DarkFighterX Camera, Turbo HD 5.0 Camera Series, Easy IP 4.0 Series, EZVIZ Cameras and Specialized Camera products (Dark Fighter, PanoVu, Thermal, Anti-corrosion, Explosion-proof, People Counting and Fish Eyes camera). Hikvision will display a wide range of, DVRs, NVRs, CVR, VMS, LED Monitors and key components. Hikvision will also display the entire range of Non-CCTV products including, AXHub Intruder Alarm, Video Intercom, Smart Pole, Emergency Call Box and Intelligent Traffic System.

Secutech India is one of leading security exhibitions in India. We are hoping for a good response from the security industry.

Q. In your observation, which key sectors are driving the demand for security products in India?

The Indian surveillance market is witnessing immense growth from key verticals such as Smart City, Safe City, Transportation, Airport & Seaport, BFSI, PPOG (Power, Petroleum, Oil& Gas) Retail, Pharma, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Education. The government, in general, is the biggest segment in terms of volume and demand.

The private sector also has vast potential for growth. About 87% of surveillance needs are for commercial purpose, whereas 13% are for residential. In the last few years, technological advancement in video surveillance has helped in shaping the industry. Consistent with the ongoing demand from heightened security needs, the video security market continues to experience a technology transition from relatively passive analogue CCTV video systems to more sophisticated network-based IP video solutions that include integrated analytics.

Infrastructure growth and security awareness are driving investments in the Indian market for surveillance expenditure from both the government and the private customers. Rapid urbanization is increasing the demand for surveillance solutions from Tier II and Tier III cities.

Q. Please tell us about your total market share and key clients in India.

Prama Hikvision India has the largest market share in the security and surveillance domains. Our key clients are the leading private and government organizations spread across the verticals.

Q. Security surveillance is a fiercely competitive marketplace, what is your niche? How do you stand out from the competition?

Hikvision is the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions. Technology and product innovation are the driving force behind Hikvision’s leadership in the global surveillance market. We are leading the security and surveillance market with technology innovations, research and development, latest products and solutions. We are offering cutting edge technology and innovative solutions to the end-users.

Q. How is Hikvision planning to cash in on the huge opportunity presented by the government programs, such as Digital India and Smart Cities?

The government initiatives such as ‘Smart City Mission’, ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India‘ initiatives are driving the overall growth of the security industry. We at Hikvision are leading in the video surveillance domain with technology innovation through various research and development initiatives.

Hikvision has brought in many new technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, AI Cloud, IoT and Big Data) to the forefront of Smart City and Safe City domain. These latest products and solutions include Artificial Intelligence enabled DeepinView Cameras and DeepinMind NVRs, AI Cloud, AI Enabled Face Recognition Terminals and Swing Barriers ,Smart Pole, Emergency Call Box, AI Technology Applications (Face Recognition, People Tracking, Perimeter Protection), Intelligent Traffic Management Solutions and Mobile Solutions, Access Control Solutions, Intrusion system, PanoVu Cameras, etc. Apart from the latest products and solutions, ‘Make in India’ initiative has given a major boost for Hikvision products in the Indian market. The successful foray into the ‘Make in India’ initiative by Hikvision will reduce the total cost of ownership in Safe City and Smart City projects.

Q. What is your future vision? How do you see your brand growing over the next five years?

We at Hikvision have a long term research and development focus. Our R&D centers continue to offer cutting edge technologies in security and surveillance products. Our leadership in Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI Cloud, Deep Learning, Big Data and IoT trends shows that our key value proposition is technology innovations.

In an ever-changing world, Hikvision’s original goals have not changed – namely, to provide value to all customers, to combat crime and terrorism, and to provide a safer society for communities, families and children. From our original slogan, “First Choice for Security Professionals”, to our newest one, “See Far, Go Further”, Hikvision has maintained its long term commitment to excellence.

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