Hydrogen as a clean future fuel and its safety


Hydrogen can help us enormously to achieve a cleaner, safer and economical energy source in future. But for hydrogen to make a significant contribution to clean energy transitions, it needs to be adopted in sectors where it is almost completely absent, such as transport, buildings and power generation.

Source of Hydrogen

At present all the common fuels are extracted either from natural oil or gas. These fuels are limited resources, and their use adversely affects our environment. That’s the primary reason, people are looking for alternate fuel (hydrogen) which is renewable as well. It is light, storable, energy-dense, and produces no direct emissions of pollutants or greenhouse gases.

Growth in renewable energy production has its own drawback of high Production cost. Hydrogen can be taken out from fossil fuel and biomass, from water, or from a mix of both.
Hydrogen production also comes from water electrolysis; though, currently less than 0.1% globally. With declining costs in renewable electricity, specifically from Solar and Wind energy, industry is showing interest in electrolytic hydrogen.

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Risk of hydrogen

As we all know about advantages of hydrogen fuel technology, it has disadvantages as well. While hydrogen acts well as a fuel, it will do greater explosion hazard than many other gas fuels.

When Hydrogen reaches a concentration of 4% to 75%, LEL is highly flammable in the presence of oxygen. The amount of energy required to ignite is much lower than other gases.

Hydrogen is a colourless and odourless gas; thus, the leaks are very difficult to identify, and we must take appropriate safety measures to reduce the risk.

Safety Solutions for Hydrogen Leakage

By installing a Hydrogen Gas Detector and Monitor along with Flame detector the problem of Hydrogen leakage danger can be solved. Ambetronics provides a range of Hydrogen Gas Detection Systems as per customer’s requirements.

It comes in following models:

  • Hydrogen Gas Detector: Model GT-2511-FLP
  • Hydrogen Smart Gas Detector: Model GT-2500-FLP
  • Hydrogen Portable Gas Detector: Model PG-100
  • Flame Detector: FLD-3311-FLP

Ambetronics has a very efficient alarming system that alerts whenever the hydrogen concentration goes beyond the permissible exposure limits (TWA: 10% LEL & STEL: 20% LEL).

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