Innovating to tackle the ongoing public health issue with touchless biometrics solutions


It is an undeniable fact that Covid 19 Pandemic will have a significant impact on the Indian Economy. Most of the businesses are not being able to function to the fullest also based on the fact that the complete lockdown imposed by the government of India as a preventive measure to combat the virus has reduced the consumer buying capacity to almost nil.

However, even in this dire situation business organizations have found a way and adopted strategies such as work from home,managing shifts, limited employees,etc., to maintain the flow of business functions. With respect to ZKTeco, we have initiated a new product segment to tackle the ongoing public health issue with Touchless Biometrics Solutions by promoting public safety and hygiene through contactless user identification coupled with body temperature detection and maskedfacial recognition, thereby reducing the possibilities of acquiring germs in public areas.

As a responsible organization of the nation, ZKTeco India is committed to exterminate this global threat by providing its support to the society by any means necessary. ZKTeco has been creating social awareness about the virus as well as the means to safeguard us from the infection in its social media platforms. ZKTeco considers the well-being and safety of its employees as a top priority and they are given the option to work from home safely. Furthermore, ZKTeco’s revolutionary online based time attendance platform, easy TimePro APP, helps the employees to provide their attendance even from distant locations conveniently. Business organizations can adopt to easy TimePro system and can still have maximum employee productivity at this global crisis without compromising employee safety.

Harnessing digital technologies to stay connected

ZKTeco has taken considerable efforts to improve customer experience and maintains a smooth relationship with its clients via interactive and informative webinars, online client meets as well as by giving regular updates about our latest products and solutions. In addition, we have been conducting various Online Certification Programs on biometric products and security solutions with the intention of creating cognizance about the security industry. We also plan to conduct virtual events to offer a dynamic experience to our clients and customers.

Public organizations as well as business enterprises need to enforce preventive measures in their premises to avoid any such events in the future. The business organizations should make sure that the employees are given enough guidance about personal hygiene practices and the means to implement them during the office hours, thereby creating a healthy eco-system that is good for the well-being of employees as well as for the society.