Marking global leadership in PPE arena


Q. Mallcom is a leading manufacturer & suppliers of Personal Protection, Safety, products, please share some of your milestones & achievements?

Mallcom started off as a leather gloves exporter in 1983, based out of Kolkata.  Over the next three and a half decades, it has evolved into a global conglomerate with an annual turnover exceeding INR 350 Crores and one of India’s largest integrated manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipment. We moved our scrip to be listed in BSE in 2015 and had been performing solidly over the past couple of seasons and rewarding its shareholders handsomely.

Q. Could you brief us about overall business activities of your company (tie-ups, associations, reach, network)?

Mallcom operates around the world primarily as an OEM, being the supplier of choice for a host of large trading houses around the world. Major markets are in Europe, Australia, and North & Latin America.

Around 25% of its business comes through Branded Sales operations, majorly across Asia. The mode of operation is primarily through an intensive network of dealers covering even the remotest region and key supply chain management facilities at strategic locations which helps in providing timely solutions and offering the entire PPE basket to customers just when they need it most.

Q. Can you elaborate more about the product portfolio & it’s applications?

Mallcom operates in all the major PPE segments, viz. head protection, hand protection, body protection, feet protection and fall protection. All these products used together can help in making the workplace a safer place to work for. Mallcom has been a pioneer in the field of PPE in the Indian market and has always taken the onus of using the most capable hands and the most advanced machinery to produce the best protective equipment for industrial workers. As a one-stop solution in industrial safety gear, Mallcom caters to all its global and national clients with products manufactured in its units scattered across India.

Non-compromise in quality maintenance and production of large assortments of safety gear par excellence are the two main areas of focus for Mallcom.

Q. Which are the some of your pioneering products you introduced in the market recently or Is there any plans to launch the new products?

We have recently launched a few new ranges of products:

  • Premium range of double density shoes which are aesthetically superior and conforms to the latest safety norms and regulations.
  • Complete range of ladies’ safety shoes, which takes into consideration the utmost comfort and safety factors.
  • NBR coats on Seamless liners made with the latest innovative cutting edge solutions and available on smooth, sandy, foamy and foamy flex finishes.

Q. What are your strategies to improve the Mallcom‘s position in Indian & global market as well?

The company has invested in state-of-the-art research and development facility which makes it easier for it to maintain the various regulatory standards and norms. Mallcom has already started investing in high-end technology and started listing their products on e-Commerce. In the near future, we plan to increase our global footprint by venturing into newer geographies and turning Mallcom into a global brand.

Q. According to you what are the factors affecting to your business?

  1. More enhanced and all-encompassing regulatory norms need to be prescribed by various governmental agencies to ensure that all policies concerning PPE are being strictly implemented across the spectrum.
  2. Cheap and sub standard imports are lowering the standard of PPE’s being made available to Indian consumers.
  3. Lack of stricter implementation of IPR laws making it easy for counterfeit products to flood the market and dupe unsuspecting buyers.

Q. What are the key technological trends that are driving the personal protection industry?

Companies are creating processes and products and patenting them to fight globally. The coming decade is going to be even more interesting and will definitely see the introduction of superior technology, including BOTS. Also, wearable technology is on the up and the PPE industry must learn to adapt the same.

Q. What is your vision for Mallcom?

Our Vision is to design, produce and provide products and services with an emphasis on performance and to extend our presence in the international market place. And our corporate mission is to ensure that Mallcom will lead in its operating domain in the top five positions, without compromising on the price – quality – service matrix.