Our marketing strategy is to focus on channel sales by way of rendering effective service


Q. In your opinion, what is the state of security industry in India and what is the trend you see in the space?

Nowadays every organization is being supported by emerging Technologies, from predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things. This is resulting into growing need for Electronic Security solutions which will effectively manage all the companies. All manufacturing, chemical, pharma, education, entertainment and IT industry is expected to see more growth and requirement for Security products like Video Surveillance, Fire Alarm System, Access Control and other Electronic Security products.

Q. Which market are you targeting?

Our focused approach is towards designing and executing multi-location projects with application based centralized solution for manufacturing companies, IT industries, food processing industry, banks, educational institutes, automobile industries, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Q. What are the various security related products that you offer?

We are Distributors and System Integrators for Matrix Telecom solutions, Matrix Time-Attendance –Access Control solutions & Matrix IP Video Surveillance solutions. We also offer Fire Alarm System and AV solutions.

Q. What is the advantage of Matrix products vis-à-vis the competition?

Matrix is a SUBSTANCE brand. Substance is in the DNA of Matrix solutions. Substance in the form of technology, depth, genuineness and going beyond the mere outer façade to offer more values in all the areas. This is what differentiates Matrix from the lot. Matrix solutions are packed with ‘More’. More productivity, more applications, more flexibility, more functions, more features, more cost saving, more reliability and more support. Matrix positioning is based on offering more of these true inherent values, which customers expect from infrastructure solutions.

Q. What is your marketing and channel strategy? What kind of plans and expectations do you have for this segment this year?

Our marketing strategy is to focus on channel sales by way of rendering effective service where consistent efforts will be valued with commitment and satisfaction towards our System Integrators. Bringing constant change and innovative approach towards the quality in services, solutions, product demos/POC .

Q. What are the challenges that you are currently facing in India?

The key challenge is the price factor because many organizations compare price rather than application based solutions, durability & efficiency of products. The major challenge in India is that solutions need to be designed keeping price factor in mind. However, there should be comparison of technical compliance of product for the actual application as safety and security of an organization with quality is important compared to price.

Q. What kind of plans and expectations do you have for this segment this year?

We have plans to focus specifically on government departments this financial year for CCTV business. We have dedicated System Integrators and a team to work with the government departments for preparing tender specifications. We are expecting to have major share of CCTV business from the government departments this year.