A new standard in water leak detection


Hochiki Europe, world leaders in fire detection manufacturing introduces a brand new standard in water leak detection to the UK market, LEAKalarm, an innovative new fully monitored alarm and detection system providing protection from the greatest risk to buidlings and managed facilities.

Statistics show that the most likely cause of insurance claims in blocks of flats, hotels, retail premises and commercial buildings is water damage. It is now a commonly accepted fact by UK insurers that water leakage is now the costliest and most common insurance claim made by commercial customers with a total loss in the UK alone approaching £800 million.

Leading the way in water detection technology is the new LEAKalarm system from Hochiki. This addressable solution is designed to be infinitely reliable, with many of its features also found in systems designed to ensure life safety.

water leak detection

LEAKalarm systems are designed to protect areas where water ingress could seriously damage electrical, communication and computer networks. It continuously monitors for water leaks around the clock, and has the facility for up to 72-hours on standby in the event of a power failure. Commercial insurers are recommending risk assessment of potential water damage, as well as the installation of water leak detection systems to ensure full insurance cover and safety.

LEAKalarm is based upon world-proven life safety technology providing the same reliability and integrity as approved fire detection systems. This means there is virtually no risk of failure, downtime and a reduced likelihood of false alarms.

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