Boost Perimeter Protection: Audio-Video Integration For More Proactive And Rapid Responses


Perimeter security is crucial for both businesses and homeowners. Upgrading this with a combination of network speakers and video security systems enables not just viewing, but also interacting with people on camera. Professional speakers vastly improve sound quality and volume compared to cameras with built-in speakers, ensuring clearer communication during security events. This proactive audio and video integration approach to security threats enhances situational awareness and prevents losses.

Residential security: proactive and responsive

Network audio and video integration provides comprehensive security for residential communities and villas, prioritizing prevention of theft and intrusions. Equipped with real-time alarms to any unwanted activity, these systems can issue live or pre-recorded warnings, actively deterring intruders. When paired with low-light capable cameras, such as IR cameras, night intrusion protection is enhanced. Whether you’re traveling or away on business, this integrated security system ensures your property’s safety and your peace of mind.

Residential security: proactive and responsive

Warehouses and office security: better safe than sorry

Warehouses and office buildings face numerous security threats, including intrusion, graffiti, and theft. Network speakers integrated with video security can deter potential incidents before they occur by broadcasting warnings to unauthorized individuals. By delivering messages like “You are trespassing, please leave the area,” potential intruders are immediately alerted to their unauthorized presence. Also, via real-time two-way audio alerts from a centralized location, any dubious parties can be informed of their prohibited presence in specified areas. This audio and video integration bolsters security procedures, safeguarding essential assets.

Warehouses and office security


Critical facilities: precise, timely protection

For large, high-secure facilities like airports or power plants, the complexity of threats escalates to zone violations, sabotage, and even terrorism. Video and audio linkage is especially important in these scenarios. Imagine an airport with extensive fencing covering a significant distance. Thermal cameras are positioned to effectively detect any unauthorized intrusions, even during nighttime hours. Upon detection, PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras automatically zero in on the exact location of the potential intrusion. In addition to this, the integration of network speakers act as a deterrent, utilizing pre-recorded messages or direct communication to discourage criminals. However, challenges persist as intruders may attempt to divert attention or trigger false alarms to obstruct security. To address this, the cameras employ advanced intelligent algorithms that accurately distinguish genuine threats from false alarms. By doing so, this comprehensive system ensures top-notch security in expansive outdoor spaces through accurate situation assessment and efficient response.

Integrating audio and video with Hikvision

Hikvision enhances customers’ security experience by integrating its diverse video products with network speakers.

  • In live monitoring situations, Hikvision cameras bring unique imaging benefits through advanced technologies like DarkFighter and ColorVu, which excel in low-light situations. Furthermore, Hikvision enhances active protection with precise alarms and rapid responses. For example, Smart Hybrid Light technology enables cameras to trigger visible light when a vehicle or a person appears, capturing pivotal details in vivid color. This precision allows network speakers to optimally deter intruders, as clear vision ensures accurate alarm activation and effective protective measures.

Warehouses and office

  • In response to potential threats, Hikvision network speakers deliver pre-recorded or live messages, providing superior incident control to cameras alone. Hikvision speakers support up to 124db acoustic pressure, covering distances up to 300 meters. They can hold up to 1000 audio materials, allowing customization options for tackling vandalism, intrusion, and break-ins.

Hikvision network speakers and related devices can be managed all-in-one with Hikvision software. The combination of video alarm triggering and audible warning, followed by live video feeds for verification, streamlines security process automation. With audio and video integration, feel at ease knowing your safety is in good hands.

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