Emergency Lights For Anyone And Everyone-Prolite Ticks All Boxes


Emergency lighting is not just a major component of a building’s life safety systems, but perhaps one of the most important, which is precisely why NBC makes its installation mandatory. Emergency lights provide a minimum level of visibility to help direct the building’s occupants safely out in desperate moments. Moreover, it also helps personnel and emergency responders locate safety equipment, perform safety functions, or shut down hazardous equipment or operations.

Just imagine, if housing complexes, schools, hospitals, hotels, malls, railways, metros, airports, etc didn’t have any Signages/ Emergency Lights. Not only will we be lost, but God forbid if we are caught in a mishap or a stampede situation in such huge places, we just wouldn’t know how to manage and exit the place safely.

These Signages/Emergency lights are not just for our guidance in day-to-day life, they will come in handy when we need them to get through any life-threatening incident, and to identify all the essential fire safety equipment and escape route.

It is therefore crucial that the parameters to judge emergency lights to install in any place must be considered before you install them. The NBC has laid down certain rules but these are broad in nature. To be sure, you will need to delve into the specifics. How durable is the product? How reliable is the product? Does it conform to specifications as mandated by the local authorities? What is the after sales service like? Prolite is the best choice because it alone ticks all those boxes.

Prolite has moved with the times. It has won awards for innovation TWICE because of this only. Changing situations require changing solutions. For example, Prolite’s flame proof range was designed for the purpose of allowing clear visibility and accessibility in fire accidents involving strong and intense flames. In a workplace where the fire risk is great and houses material likely to intensify fires to higher degrees, then flameproof lights are a must to ensure optimum safety.

We do produce and craft products that will ensure optimum safety. Our products are Fire Proof, Flame Proof, and Weather Proof as well. More and more people should be aware of this. The only way out is by being well equipped and spreading the word for others to do the same.