Fire Accidents In India- The Statistics That Should Scare You


Those who would still like to believe that fire safety and exit safety are not really priority need to read this very carefully.

India is a huge country and news coverage of every fire is impossible. But just as pressing one rice grain can tell you if the rice is cooked, following the fire accident news regularly will tell you your goose is cooked if you do not act now.
“Factories in Telangana see 1 fire accident every 2 days” reads a recent headline. Telangana is not even a grain of sand if you see the map of the world, or at best, a small rock if you see the Bharat map. If only factories in that state alone see one fire accident every two days, include the whole country, add homes, godowns, hospitals, malls, offices, hutments, high rises and do the math.

The fire brigade center in Katraj (in Pune) has tackled around 861 fire incidents in Katraj, Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi, Katrajghat, Mangdewadi, Bhilarewadi, Ambegaon, Kolewadi, Jambhulwadi, Dhankawadi etc areas, says a report. These fires were successfully brought under control by the staff of the Centre. Jambhulwadi Daripul, Katraj Ghat is part of forest land where incidents of wildfires also happen regularly.

Delhi Fire department data showed that there were 82 deaths and 722 people injured in fire accidents in 2022. According to the annual statistics shared by DFS, 59 deaths in fire tragedies were reported in 2023 while 689 people were injured.

The writing on the wall is loud and clear for each one of you there who would like to be called by name rather than appear in a news report as a number, but to read it or not is entirely up to you.


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[Courtesy: Prolite]