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The FIREscape+ system is the first of its type and integrates Hochiki’s highly successful FIREscape+ emergency lighting system with its acclaimed ESP fire detection system. By integrating both of these systems onto the same panel and onto the same loop wiring, not only does the emergency lighting become operational in the event of a fire – without the need for a mains supply failure to have occurred – but based on the location of the fire, people are directed away from unsafe exit routes using Hochiki’s intelligent signage.

This is achieved by creating dual function exit signs. Under normal circumstances the exit sign is illuminated and carries the internationally recognised symbols of a running man, door & direction arrow. However, in the event of a fire affecting a specific escape route, the appropriate signage is switched off & replaced by an illuminated RED “X” symbol.

Unlike other systems, where each luminaire requires a 230 V supply, the entire FIREscape+ system operates at extra low voltage. Utilising only Extra Low voltage devices, means that the luminaires are fitted to the same style of plug-in base as the fire detectors, which allows installation and maintenance to be carried out by engineers other than qualified electricians, thereby producing a very cost effective solution.

Intelligent System

FIREscape+ is an intelligent system. All of the devices – fire sensors, sounders and beacons, emergency luminaires and exit signs – are individually addressed and fully monitored by the system control panel. By automatically monitoring all of the key elements of each device the need for regular inspection is significantly reduced*. The failure of any device is immediately registered on the main control panel with both audible & visual warnings.

Energy Efficiency & Green Values

FIREscape+ incorporates LED technology and Lithium Polymer batteries into all emergency luminaires and signs. When compared with traditional fluorescent light technology, energy and CO2e emission savings in excess of 95% are achievable.

FIREscape+ Key Features & Benefits

ONE CONTROL PANEL: To create a combined emergency lighting and fire detection system, only the one control panel and operator interface is required.

SAFETY GUIDANCE: During an emergency, people are provided with directional guidance to help find their escape route quicker and return to safety.

COST EFFICIENT: Cost efficiency throughout the entire product life cycle – from installation to operation, maintenance and recycling.

INHERENT RELIABILITY: Minimum of 10 years system life expectancy (battery life expectancy is at least 5 years).

QUALITY & RELIABILITY : The FIREscape+ system complies with all British and European emergency lighting standards, in particular BS5266 for the design and installation of emergency lighting systems.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: All of the Hochiki components are environmentally friendly, including – batteries, plastics and electronics are fully recyclable

FALSE ALARM REDUCTION: With the Hochiki ESP protocol, there is a significant reduction in the potentional for false or unwanted alarms.

NO MAINS SUPPLY REQUIRED: In this combined system none of the devices, including luminaires and exit signs require mains supply.

AUTOMATIC TESTING: All of the emergency luminaires and exit signs have automatic testing functionalities.

False Alarm Management

False activation of a fire alarm system is both disruptive and expensive. Hochiki’s Intelligent products and ESP digital communications protocol employ advanced techniques to minimise the potential for false or unwanted alarms.

  1. Drift Compensation
  2. Alarm Verification
  3. Variable Sensitivity

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