Smart Parking Solution – ZKTECO


The BG300 barrier is designed with a yellow chassis, and the shape is generous and beautiful. Using high-performance DC brushless motor, stable and reliable operation, long life; embedded core control system, with fast response speed, rich function expansion and other characteristics, it is a cost-effective car barrier.


• The fastest operating speed is 1.5s, the speed can be adjusted according to different boom arm length.
• Digital control monitoring, support delay automatic close functions.
• High safety, support power off manually rise boom arm, anti – smash functions.
• The position of the angle of rise / fall can be adjusted, and the digital encoder is adopted to limit the position automatically, replacing the traditional limit structure, and the position control is accurate.
• The barrier boom will rebound when it is blocked.
• Invertibility left and right direction, simple and compact transmission mechanism, easy to install on site.

LPRC300 is ZKTeco’s new generation of license plate recognition cameras adopting a 0.5 TOPS chip and an embedded deep learning algorithm. The camera can provide more advanced and faster license plate recognition performance, widely adaptable to parking and access control environments.

Moreover, LPRC300 can operate independently offline after being imported the allowlist and blocklist data via a web browser, which usually applies in monthly parking management, especially under scenarios like the factory, governmental building, residential area, etc. All captured pictures and recordings would be saved in the camera.

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