Taste International stockholding programme enhances safety, cuts cost


Taste International, owners and manufacturers of the Aquila brand of industrial gloves, are aware that maintaining a smooth flow of consumables can be eased for large users and distributors by taking care of the relationships involved, setting up simple systems and developing trust between supplier and customer. Such advantageous relationships can enable cost reductions on the admin side over and above piece price negotiations.

Streamlining the supply chain on consumables optimises business by saving margins day after day, year after year on large expenditures. Given that the general and administrative costs of a product are estimated in the range of 10-25% of factory labour rates, and the salary of an administrator can average $52,000 p.a. it is clear that even a small saving can make significant difference to end-user prices or margins available at the nodes in the supply chain.

Taste International’s stockholding programme (SHP) addresses all these concerns by shifting much of the order/re-order load and by enabling efficient production planning with ex-factory stocking. Industrial gloves can have intermittent stocking/re- order cycles at significant cost per order – coupled with major safety consequences
in the event stock runs out.

In short, they can be awkward to keep track of and are a critical safety item. Where PPE is concerned gloves rank right up there with hard hats and safety boots. Without the right glove it is not too extreme to say that many
jobs can simply not be completed successfully, comfortably, safely or in a timely fashion.

The SHP eliminates delays by planning flexibly and resulting in delivery when required so customers only pay for what they use, ensuring high performance delivery for these gloves – from hundreds of pairs to hundreds of thousands of pairs!